Friday, November 16, 2007

A trip down the river, on horseback of course!

With the wedding done the unwinding can begin! Today we booked a horseback riding tour to take us up to a hotsprings. Of course, when it is 85 degrees out, the hotspring was about 110, so we didn't really get in. Brendan made it in to his knees, but only for a few minutes.

Here are some shots from today. More to come. It's so great here!

Here is me, Tori and Luella. Could we look any more ready to ride?

Here is our tallest member Brendan on one of the smaller horses. But he had the cool hat and glasses, so he automatically was the coolest one of us all.

Sarah our resident horse expert, was leading the way along the trails.

We even got to go through the river 6 times! Wet feet wet feet! That's Tori leading this pack along. What a motley crew we were. As we are all looking at this picture, Mani commented that it didn't look like us, that we were actually there, and he's right, it is a little surreal, but we were there - and back again!

This is the hot springs...or should I say the really really really hot springs!

Mani looking oh so good. Got to love the natural sun flare!

There were so many great details. Tori saw this leaf and called me over. Can we say computer background?

Now I don't know why, but after Sarah swam in the river, she tried to talk to the local cows, then the donkeys...we are all worried about her.

No trouble finding parking for the horses out here.

Luella was doing some serious riding. It's actually very difficult to take a picture of the person behind you while your horse is walking. I think I had to take about 5 to get this one.

River number 6!

Tori was also sporting a very cool riding hat.

I can't remember what was said but here is Sarah's reaction to it. Must be something Mani said.

And this is the end, taken by our guide and driver Jose. Thanks for the great day everyone!

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