Friday, August 27, 2010

Jenn & Steven - Maternity Portraits

A wonderful maternity session with Jenn and Steven. Enjoy the slideshow and additional pictures below. Pregnancy is such a beautiful time, I'm so glad when couples mark the occasion with a maternity session. They will be treasuring these pictures for years to come.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Melanie & Zijad - Wedding

It was a wonderful day for Melanie and Zijad to be married! Beautiful ceremony, fantastic venue (way to go White Oaks!), and everyone had a great time. Have a look at the images of these two, who are soooo in love! And don't forget to click here to be notified when all the wedding images are available to view online.


Coolest cookies ever!

Some final touches before heading to the ceremony.

A last minute prayer?

And here comes the bride!

Zijad looks pretty happy!

What a great spot for their wedding.

Some details of the beautiful flowers.

Chivalry is not dead!

Have a look at Zijad's expression here. I wonder what is going on in his head?

Once the wedding is done, this little guy showed off his excitement! Woohoo!!!

Melanie and her girls.

Da boys!

And now, on to some private time for our couple.

I love being in the vineyards! The pictures are always so amazing.

One of my favourites from the day.

Congratulations to Melanie and Zijad! Enjoy the honeymoon! We'll see you when you get back!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grace & Mike - Engagement Slideshow

Grace and Mike's slideshow and pictures are now available! And I think these two get the award for being the most northern couple we've worked with. They are currently living in the Northwest Territories! They are getting married in Niagara and came down for a couple of weeks to prepare and finalize the details, so we did our engagement session while they were here.

Don't forget to click here to register to view their wedding images when they go online. We'll send you an email with the link when they are ready.