Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Looking back...Adell & Oleh

Amanda asked me to post something she wrote. She was working on the computer in the other room and emailed me what you see below. I love how Amanda sees things. It always strikes me at how well she listens, and how kind and pure her heart is. Amanda knows what really matters - family, friends and time spent with them. When I read what she wrote I was moved. I hope you will be too.

I was looking back at some of our fall weddings and I couldn't help thinking about Adell and Oleh. One of my favourite parts of weddings is being there for the speeches. I love it when a quiet couple like Adell and Oleh get up and speak from the heart. Their speeches were so great that I still remember what they said a month later.

Oleh took the time to tell the people in his life what he has learned from them. How many of us can say we've done that? He told his father he taught him that "strength comes from within" and "everyone has something to say". His mother taught him to "use his emotions to express himself". He talked about his many friends, including Nestor teaching him "you just gotta look good", but my favourite part was when he said Adell "taught him about love".

Adell quoted something that Oleh once said to her and I just loved it. He said "We're not perfect, but we're perfect together". She spoke about how Oleh's family has welcomed her into theirs, which was especially touching because her parents are no longer with her.

This was our first Ukranian wedding and we learned so much about their culture. It's really an honour to spend time with all of our couples, getting to know them, their families and friends, and learning about their lives. Adell and Oleh- thanks for choosing us to be a part of it. I know your wedding is one we won't forget.


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