Friday, March 28, 2008

Our last Pictage PUG meeting! So...ccccoldddd...!

Our last Pictage PUG (stands for Pictage User Group, but Matthew (my son) likes to imagine that it's actually a meeting about the breed of dog) was fantastic! We had some great discussions and learned lots from eachother. We talked about Pictage of course, but since a few of us were fresh off the WPPI convention we had lots of info to share. Business methods, sales stragegies and techniques, shooting ideas...all kinds of geeky photographer stuff! It was great!

The only thing was there was no heat in the entire second floor for some reason, and it was freeezin! I'm getting cold just thinking about it. Everyone had their coats on and done up, scarves and hats on but we pressed on! I ordered a diet coke, which came with ice, and quickly realized that a cold drink would simply not do. It was coffee after that (sweet, warm coffee) which I held tightly to keep my fingers warm. I think I ended up having 6 or so. Don't worry, I switched to decaf after the first few.

Here are some shots we took. I'm not sure who took which picture as the camera was making it's way around the room at one point.

In attendance were:
Matt Green of Matt Green Wedding Photojournalist
Adrian and Viktoria Van Leeuwen of Luminous Light Photography
Irina and Mihkel Fortey of Irina Photography
Libor Josef Hemerka of Studio Images
Michael of Michael Anderson Photography
My good friend Krista, of Krista Jefferson Photography
Kayla Soomer of Soomer Photography and Design

and Bryan Caporicci of Bryan Caporicci Photography


Okay, first off, Bryan is usually aware of the camera. Second, he almost always makes some kind of a face. See if you can spot his 'looks'.

The smiley look. Doesn't Mihkel look pleased with Bryan in the background?

And then the stare broke, and laughter ensued!

I really don't know how Bryan does it. This isn't even a picture of him, he just knew I was taking a picture and bam! the eyebrow raise!

Here is the intrepid Mike. Nice stare!

From accross the table Libor is shooting me shooting him.

Discussion discussion discussion....

I'm not sure if you can tell. But a second before this picture, Bryan noticed me and creeped in the smile. I'm going to get a candid someday!

This is what happens when I tell him the meeting is almost over.

I don't know who was taking these, but it looks like an experiment.
No flash.

And some flash.

I'm pretty sure I didn't take this one.

More talkin'

I grabbed this one, beacuse Bryan was actually trying to sneak a picture of me at this moment. Look at his right hand....finger on the trigger shooting from the hip! I love it!

And one final parting shot of Libor. Looking good my friend!

Till we meet again!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm in Canada!

Hello hello!

Just having a quick latte now that we are back in Toronto. Got to have that caffeine to get us through the last hour or so of driving. It's been a fabulous trip!

A last few pictures before we head home.

I must say, it's pretty weird with time zone changes and traveling at night. We left a 1pm in the morning, flew 4 hours and it's now 8am. I think I slept about a total of 1/2 hour on the plane. Accross from Bryan was the loudest snoring guy I'd ever heard. Every time he let out a loud snore, we'd crack up. (we are so mature!).

Talk to everyone soon!

Some details.

Can you see the face in the rock?


Our hotel entrance.

More details. I like things that are green and grow.

And once again. Beth. This is her model face.

And this is after I asked her to think of a something happy. She thought about Krista. Can you see it in her eyes...she loves her! So I guess I should thank Krista for this photo too!

Still at the airport

We are sitting at the floor in the airport (the flight has been delayed and we've moved gates 2 times so far). Boarding has just begun though so I'm going to be quick.

Couple of picks edited while waiting and Bryan just showed me a super cool thing he knows. Gosh that boy is smart.


Sitting at the airport

It's 11:12 pm and I'm at the Vegas airport waiting to head home. I can't tell you how much I want to se my beautiful wife Amanda and my awesomer then awesome kids Matthew and Sydney. I've even got them each a little something if they've been good!

This trip to WPPI has been amazing for so many reasons, the business information, the photography seminars, connecting with like minded photographers who are more then happy to talk and share information with each other. It is a very special place, and I would recommend it to anyone (well it's probably better if you are a photographer, but I do know at least one person here who wasn't a photographer) I'm coming away with all these things I just mentioned, but what has affected me most is getting to know the people on the trip. I've learned so much about the friends that I have who came, I've met some new people who I've only known through email, and I even got to know some new, and very wonderful folks, who I now consider friends. I can't wait to connect with you all soon.

Well, my plane was just called, see you all in Canada.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vegas - images images and more images!

It has been a pretty crazy last few days here in WPPI land in Vegas. The trade show is almost over, and Bryan and I are heading back to Ontario tomorrow night on the red-eye. But before we do I thought I would share some of the images I've been getting in the past 24 hours. I say 24 hours because we were able to rent a car and drive out to the desert and witness a brilliant sunrise. A truly magnificent experience which I wasn't about to miss.

Enjoy the images and if you have something to say, post it to the comments section. I'd love to know what everyone thinks.

This is Jen, I met her exactly yesterday. She is one of Krista's friends. This image was taking while we were riding the escalator. I held out my hand off camera left and bounced the flash off my hand (I didn't have a reflector! So I improvised!) and this is what we got.

Ahhh...good ol' Beth. This image, was actually taken in the van on the way out to the red rock canyons. There was some great light coming in behind her, so we worked with it.

A quick Bryan the magnificent shot. From the hip.

Krista and Jen. Looking lovely as usual.

Another on the go van shot.

There are some pretty intense discussions at these trade shows. Just look at the concentration between these two.

Bryan was also doing a little off camera hand flash inside, and this lovely gentleman next to him came over and asked him what he was doing. (I think he thought we were a little nuts bouncing flash off our hands). Bryan showed him the image, and the gentleman scoffed and said, 'That doesn't look very good.' rather rudely. Bryan was, as you can see, shocked! All I know is in this picture, there is only one person I would trust to be a judge of any picture. Can you guess which one I would pick?

Me attempting a behind the back, over the shoulder bounce flash off the reverse wall, ceiling, other wall combo. Nothing but net.

When I took this picture, Krista said that we were "funny boys" cause we take so many pictures. So honestly, tell me, what would you think if this is what you saw when the elevator doors opened?

Bryan is so fast he can bend light with his mind!

Our new and now good friend Sandra. Wow...I take a lot of pictures on escalators. And no one is allowed to mention that I fell off one either! Oh, wait...oh.....I just did...

Sometimes we need to celebrate if we get a good shot.

Strike that pose!

Fun fun fun.

I told Bryan and Beth to pretend they were famous and I was the paparazzi.

And then they did this...cracked me right up!

Bryan was loving this little stretch of sidewalk!

I thought security was going to escort us out of there. Turns out he was offering to take a picture of everyone to help us. How thoughtful!

This guy! I have no idea what happened here, and I'm not sure Bryan did either. He just ran up, said something to Krista and ran away. Strange indeed.

Some girls on their way out to the clubs.

This was not the view from our room. We didn't have a view. But this one is nice.

We went out to the desert for some shooting fun. Bryan was determined to get the "action cycling shot", which he did end up nailing!

Jen, about to embark on her adventure. Ahhh the adventure we had. Adventure is always a great way to get to know someone.

Cactus flare!

Does anyone else think it's weird that there was a shovel in the middle of nowhere?

Click click click...

Click click click!

Back inside for some David Jay seminar action! Can you feel the excitement?

Networking away!

And some night shots.

And now, it's time for bed. Gnight yall!