Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sabrina & Joe

Sabrina and Joe - what an amazing couple! These two know how to put on a wedding. We often tell couples that meet with us that it is the 'little touches' that make the wedding. These are often the more thoughtful moments and details that make your wedding distinct and unique - and Sabrina and Joe had definitely thought about the 'little touches'. They each sent each other little notes and presents to open before the wedding, the front of Sabrina's house was decorated for the photos with flowers and ribbons, and when they finished their kiss and were announced as husband and wife the organ piped in with hockey theme music! (Joe is a big hockey fan!) Too cool!

From the Church we headed over to the Niagara Fallsview Casino for the formals. It was busy with tourists and gamblers but we found some really great spots including a giant fountain, glass atrium, a crowded shopping hallway, and ended up down by the Casino's Wedding Chapel where Joe and the guys posed in some very interesting ways...(I think Joe had a little too much coffee by this point!).

The reception was held at Club Roma (who always do an amazing job!) where all 400 of Sabrina and Joe's guest were arriving for the party. There were some really heartfelt speeches, especially Joe's mom and sister and the MC's kept things entertaining throughout the night. I have to say that in all the weddings we have done this season, Joe's wins the award for 'Most thought out and thorough' speech of the year. He definitely didn't forget anyone...if you were there you know what I mean. He even thanked and mentioned our website (which was awesome, thanks Joe!). I think he might be hoping for a portion of any sales though :)

Anyway - these are the pictures from this incredible day. Congratulations Sabrina and Joe - you did it!

Check back soon for the slideshow. (it will be today!)

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Here is Joe and the boys getting ready for the wedding by playing a little football. Can you imagine lining up against these guys?

He's going back to pass!

Sabrina and her maid of honour reading Joe's note to Sabrina.


Double wow.

This is one of our favourites. Doesn't she look so 'high fashion'?

Beautiful girls, fabulous outfits and pretty flowers - a lethal combination!

Here comes the bride!

Their minister was great! He told some great stories and even a few jokes!

The vows.

Two becoming one.

They did it!

The wedding party at the casino's fountain. What a good looking bunch!

The sun came out for a minute so we got some outside shots too.

Sabrina and her boys.

A little dance/vogueing action. Strike a pose ladies!

It's a rough life for our groom isn't it...

Here is Joe and the guys. We are down by the wedding Chapel and they had this cool seat/pillar thing which Joe was able to climb up. Don't they all look great?

Here is where we think the coffee/caffeine kicked in. I'm thinking lion, maybe tiger?

Ahh young love...

Love it!

I love the way they are holding hands here.

Okay - this is one of my favourites! This is the shopping annex at the casino which has these bench/tree things in the centre. I love the sense of movement around them. It was funny, people would look at them, and then quickly look away. It was as if they felt they were intruding on their private moment. Made for a great image though!


I have no idea how Sabrina did this. I've never seen a squirrel come up to someone before like this (and I even tried to catch one as a pet when I was 10!) We think she must be some kind of squirrel whisperer or something.

We got so lucky with these. The rain had stopped and Amanda remembered that Sabrina was hoping for some fall colour shots. After jumping out of the limo these are what we got.


Thanks for allowing us to share in your special day. Have a great honeymoon and congratulations once again!

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