Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hola from Mexico!

Good morning eveyone! I am writing to you from the restaurant at the resort we are at, overlooking the ocean. The view is spectacular! We just saw a school of fish jumping in the waters below. How cool is that?

I'm definitely going to be posting and writing more soon. Nem and Mike's wedding is tomorrow, and everyone is super-excited. Last night we had dancing lessons, which were awesome (I didn't know we had so many good dancers in the group!).

So, here are a few pictures from the first day. More to come. I think I've taken about 1,200 so far, and we haven't even had the wedding yet!

Here is Nem hiding from me at the airport.

And a close up. Mike in the background.

Here is Mike's sister Sarah doing here supermodel celeb thing with her glasses.

This is Tori and Brendan at the airport. I think Nem said something funny and helped create this candid moment. We are shooting their wedding next year which is so cool because we are going to do their engagement session here in Mexico - what a great idea!

Here is a view from the plane. The clouds are just at the top of the mountains. Isn't it a stunning view?

When I woke up on the first day I opened the balcony door and saw this little guy. There are wild dogs all over the place and as soon as I went on the balcony he came running over to see if I had any treats for him. Which I didn't. I did notice a piece of half eaten pizza on the ground though - and as I was trying to figure out a way to get him to it, one of the grounds keepers called the dog over and showed him the pizza. Breakfast is served. Mani (Sarah's boyfriend and my new roommate/photo assistant - I'll explain that later) and I have decided to name the dog 'Macho'. How manly of us.

This is what we got in the room. Thank's Nem and Mike!

Here is the main restaurant and bar that we've been spending most of our time at. To the right you can just make out people looking out - which it towards the ocean view we have.

A detail shot of the bar. I'm going to do a series of details from here. There are so many cool ones!

Here is the pool with some palm trees reflected in it.

One of the many fountains in the resort.

Okay, time to go do some dancing lessons. I will post more later. Especially the dancing ones... Nem is really good at it!

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