Monday, November 05, 2007

Kim & Chris

We had a fantastic engagement session with Kim and Chris up in Burlington. There is this redeveloped section of the waterfront that the city has done a great job with and it was a perfect spot. Lots of cool places for photos! Kim and Chris were great as we walked around and a couple of times I felt as if I were to walk away they wouldn't have noticed. Ahhh....young love!

After the park we headed down to the restaurant/bar that they first met, had a quick lunch (I had the "beef au jus" - yum!) and afterwards got some more awesome shots. I can't wait for the wedding. It's going to be so much fun!

Click here for their slideshow and scroll down for more images.

I almost, but not quite, fell into the water here.

Seriously - could they be any more in love?

This was fun. The inside of this building had all kinds of information on the waterfront, wind patterns, boats etc. It even had a mini-cyclone-tornado thing you could touch. Very cool place. It was really great because of all the windows letting in the great light, and the ceiling and windows worked together with their interesting patterns. Of course, none of it compared with Kim and Chris!

Off to the restaurant! Genuine British fare!

The two of them being all 'top model'.

I love this one...Chris was looking away for a second and Kim looked at me like she had a secret. Don't her eyes just oooze happiness in this moment?

Thanks for everything you guys. It was a great afternoon and you both did amazing. See you at the wedding!

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