Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jenny & Anthony - Wedding

Jenny and Anthony's wedding was another day where the weather was 'tricky'. But once again, we braved the elements, danced around the raindrops and got amazing images! Enjoy!

Jenny and her sister preparing for the big day.

Perfect job ladies!

What do you do if you are all dress and have nothing to do? Find something bouncy that's what!

Eskimo kisses!

Our lovely bride.


This is standing still.

This is getting out of there! Duck and cover!


Attack of the little ones!

Dad looks proud.

Jenny is so pretty!

Onto the church.

We found a cool hook in the church. The rings look great on it don't they?

Anthony and the boys enjoying their 'ride'.

And now, the moment of truth...!

Here is our bride!

It was a gorgeous church.


Onto the wedding party photos, and yes they are still smooching.

It was a very windy day as you can see!

Looks like they are at a castle.

Girls having fun.

The siblings!

Anthony and the boys. Looking good fellas!

These two have so much fun together!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day. Watch for the wedding slideshow soon!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Petra & Chris - Wedding

Petra and Chris had one of the most interesting weddings we've been to in a while. And Chris is definitely the reason. I'll give you a quick example. The entrance music they walked into was the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars. Isn't that awesome? Definitely dramatic! Enjoy the slideshow (above) and the pictures (below).

Can you hear the music? Darth has entered the room!

A quieter moment.

Very romantic.

Ah, good old Max, making the pictures look good.

Our wedding party, looking great.

Silly Chris! Always entertaining!

Chris and the boys.

Sometimes, arguments happen at weddings...What are you gonna do?

Lexi saw a floating dandelion seed on the wind. So cute!

You've got to love a man who gets a slushy on his wedding day.

Hey guys, look behind you.

And a great family shot.

Thanks for having us at the wedding. We hope everyone enjoys the images.