Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictage User Group Meeting

What a fantastic night! Our PUG (Pictage User Group) meeting was held in Burlington today to see what kind of a turnout we could get if we changed the location, And we got all kinds of new faces out to visit with us!

It was great getting to know everyone, and next months meeting is going to be even better. We are going to have it start during the day for those who can come out, and we are going to shoot. A few models, a nice location and a whole bunch of photographers! We will let you all know the date when we get the details firmed up.

You know, its so interesting when photographers get together. Everyone is so different, yet we all go through the same things. We all follow the same sort of learning curve. The big difference, moreover, the big controllable difference, is how fast you move along your particular curve. And a huge way to move quickly along your learning curve, is talking and learning from other photographers.

Everyone who was out at our meeting were there because they have a genuine desire to improve, to increase their skills, learn new ideas and most importantly to share with others. In our industry, there is strength in sharing and learning, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Enjoy the images!

This is our serious shot.

And here is our list of attendees from the meeting. Check out their sites!

Adrian Van Leeuwen Luminous Light Photography
Andrew Grant from Andrew Grant Photography
Bryan Caporicci of Bryan Caporicci Photography
Krista Jefferson, Carolynn Martin Bucek & Jen Kellner of Krista Jefferson Photography
Kathy DeMerchant of Kathy DeMerchant Photography
Libor Josef Hemerka of Studio Images Photography
Lindsay Vanderbeek of Lindsay Vanderbeek Photography
Matt Green of Matt Green Wedding Photojournalist
Mike Anderson of Michael Anderson Photography
Mitchell Brown of In His Image - Mitchel Brown Visual Artist
Stacey Newstead of Stacey Newstead Photography & Design

So, Bryan and I were there early. So we did a few shots. I believe this is where Bryan decided to pretend he was in an engagement shoot with his camera equipment.

Shall we dance dahling?

Ooo, "le tigre"...very nice...

I can't tell if he loves his flash, or if he's just really hungry.

It's love!

Oh, well..."le tigre" wasn't finished yet.

Ahhh...the classic engagement jump!

Signing in....

A close up action shot of the sign in!

Libor is great. He always brings the laptop and we always get to see cool stuff!

Some pictage merchandise, excellent products.

Watching and learning.

Of course there might be one or two cameras....

Jen keeping excellent eye contact and probably trying not to get distracted by the camera.

It's the phantom of the opera! Oh wait. it's just Mike.

Giggling away.

Making new friends.

Okay, so maybe I brought a lot of stuff today.

Does this guy ever stop smiling?

Hey? Is that a Nikon?

Bryan will probably try to tell you that he is reading this bridal magazine for "research purposes".

The smiliest girls I know.

Hmmm...little skateboard. Big guy. What could happen?


It's pose striking time!

Krista loves putting people on the road.

How many photographers does it take to work a tripod?

This was really cool. Bryan was doing a long exposure and everyone was running around Jen. Check out his blog for the resulting shot.

I'm a dancing fool!

I love eyes...can you tell?

A big thank you to everyone for coming out. And a special thank you to Bryan for sending over his images!

See you all next month!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sydney gots some crazy hair too!

Syd got in on the Crazy hair day action too. Check out what Amanda did with hers. They added colour!

Green pony-tails! Cool!

And a final silly face!