Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Engagement session in Paradise. Ahhhh...

We had the most incredible time yesterday with Nem and Mike for their engagement session. It was an amazing time which we co-ordinated with the sun setting over the pacific.

So, to all you couples out there. This is how you do an engagement session.

Step 1. Drinks!

Add one handsome groom.

Find someone to share the drinks with.

Add a sprinkle of small talk.

Mix in some smiles.


Find a place to relax.

Get comfortable.


Once the drinks are done...

Silly poses are encouraged. I think this look was called "the magnum" (quick, what movie is that from?)

Add a nice background.

Partial nudity may occur. Oops.

Find a hammock...relax.

Flirting is encouraged.

Add a light sprinkling of playfulness.

Never interrupt a kiss in progress.

Add one simmering gaze.

Locate a beach.

Add some sand.

Footprints in the sand.

If you can get in the water - do it!

Enjoy the sunset.

Love and laugh.

Running is good, jump the waves!

Stand back and enjoy.

And dip!

Aren't they amazing?

Congratulations Nem and Mike! You did great! Check back later for more pictures and of course the wedding is today! I'm off to prepare!

And I've just got to say, in all the engagement sessions I've done this is the first "congratulatory high-five" I've seen. Haha!

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Benjamin said...

where in Mexico were these pictures taken? At a resort? The place and of course the pictures look amazing!
I can't wait till May when you'll take our wedding pictures ;-)