Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Laura & Chris - Wedding Slideshow

Hello hello! We are proud to bring you Laura and Chris' Wedding slideshow! Have a look and let us know what you think. And make sure everyone is registered to view the rest of the images when they are posted online. Click here to be notified when Laura and Chris' wedding images are released online. They look fantastic and we can't wait to share them with everyone!

Here is a link to Laura & Chris' engagement slideshow and photo session too. These guys are so much fun, and soooo in love!

Laura has also worked with us before. She was in Candice's wedding party (which we shot last year), and the getting ready was also at Laura's house. Have a look at the slideshow and blog post for more Laura.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is this?

What is this?

If you can tell me what this location is famous for you win a free portrait session.

Okay everyone - let the contest begin!

Post your comments to win!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laura & Chris - Wedding

We had a wonderful time with Laura and Chris at their wedding! Great family and friends, a beautiful day, and a fun wedding party too! Let's have a look at the images.

Click here to register to be notified when their wedding slideshow and the rest of their images will be available to view online.

Here is Laura reading a card that Chris sent her that morning. It was so nice, it had all the bridesmaids almost in tears.

Ahh...Jazz. He wasn't able to come to the wedding. He looks like he's thinking "please mom...I'll be good, just let me come."

Chris and his boys. Chris is a huge football fan, so much so that he somehow was able to convince Laura that he should be able to go to the Bills game the day after their wedding. Now that's love!

The boys turned on Chris. Time to sack the quarterback!

Chris is waiting for the moment to emerge at the ceremony. He's getting some last minute words of advice I'm sure.

The beautiful Laura and her dad. Doesn't she look amazing?

It was an emotional walk down the aisle. Laura just got to the front of the church and is doing great. I really love the emotion in this picture.

Best wedding party ever!

Da boys!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.

Remember to click here to be notified when the rest of the images are online and when Laura and Chris' wedding slideshow will be online.

Peggy & Rob - Wedding Slideshow

Hello everyone! We are pleased to bring you Peggy and Rob's Wedding Slideshow. Enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Julia!

Happy birthday to Julia!

We've started a bit of a tradition with these pictures. We've been working with Julia's parents Luca and Lisa for a few years now. Julia's older sister Lauren had her pictures done at the same age and now it's Julia's turn. (Click here to see Lauren's photoshoot). We headed out to a park for some fun, and as you can see, it was pretty cool! Enjoy the slideshow below and the pictures too!

Lauren came too, which was good because, being a veteran of shooting with us, she was able to provide moral support to her sister.

Julia was a little concerned about me, with my camera equipment, and Lauren helped smooth things over. Thanks Lauren!

We headed over to the playground so we could relax a little and play. As you can see, she is starting to be a little smiley!

And even a full laugh! I love it!

Ah yes! Here we were making dirt pies. Later in the day, I told her that I ate one of them. She told me "does not fur eatin!". Haha!

What a treasure!

Time to bring out the bubbles!

A little help from Daddy is all she needs. Looking good Luca!

Okay, now it's my turn!

Ffffffffft! (that is a blowing sound in case you didn't know)

She is so happy! Bubbles are fun!

I can catch them! Get back here bubbles!

I find so much hopefulness in this picture. I can do it!

Back to the playground. Hmmmm Mommy and Daddy appear to have lost their bodies...


There's the yawn. Mom i think it's time to head back for a nap. We've worn her out.

I really love this picture. Classic.

Thanks again for hanging out with me at the park Julia, and happy birthday! I hope to see you again real soon.

If anyone else would like to have a fun kid photoshoot contact us today! The weather is perfect for it and the pictures will make great Christmas gifts. Click here to contact us about your photoshoot.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First Day of School for 09

Yesterday was the first day of school for Matthew and Sydney. Decked out in new outfits, backpacks and school supplies they set out for adventure. When they arrived home Sydney told us that she has the best class ever and she loves school, and Matthew told me without enthusiasm, "It was, you know, pretty good."

I can see him becoming a teenager already...

Yo yo yo!!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

West Coast images

A few images from the west coast. More to follow. Enjoy!