Friday, August 22, 2008

Kate & Steve - Wedding Slideshow

Kate and Steve's Wedding Slideshow is ready to view! I love the song they chose. It's called I Always Want to Be With You, by Dayna Manning, who is amazing by the way! Check out her website here, or buy her album on iTunes by clicking here.

And of course - Click here to view Kate and Steve's Wedding Slideshow!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rosemary & Ryan - Wedding photos!

Rosemary and Ryan's wedding. What a fantastic day! The love between these two is so strong. And their two families are so wonderful too! I think I'm just going to jump right to the images on this one. Enjoy!

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Come back soon to see Rosemary & Ryan's Wedding Slideshow!

We started with Rosemary at the Salon getting ready. She doesn't look nervous at all! So calm and steady.

We then headed over to Rosemary's parents house. We had some great help arranging these dresses in the window (thanks to Rosemary's mom!). Aren't they gorgeous?

I love having fun with shoe shots!

Rosemary's parents house had these cool arches in the doorways hat made for an excellent photo location. Rosemary was brilliant at 'working it'!

Ryan is a lucky man. What a stunning portrait!


Dad's first look at his little girl on her big day...

I wonder what was going through his mind at this moment?

Ryan and the gents looking super suave!

A pondering moment for Ryan.

I love this one! What a great Church to get married in!

A quick glance from Ryan. Good looking bunch!

Hee hee! It took me a few minutes to get this shot! She though we were playing hide and seek so she kept ducking down!

Another lovely view of the Church.

Rosemary is so happy!

They did it!

We had the greatest location for the photos! It's called Mathers Arch in Fort Erie, and it was wonderful! Thanks for the suggestion Rosemary!

What a cutie!

Looking dapper!

Ladies - very nice! You girls have got style!

Of course you have to focus on the shoes!


I included this one because I think it is special. Not only did Rosemary's parents get their wedding photos done at this exact same spot when they got married, they got married on the same day. August 9th! How cool is that! Happy Anniversary!

Now some fun with the Bride and Groom!

Careful Ryan...don't drop her!

These three shots are sooooo cool! Ryan was all set here and this shot already looked great. But the he had to be mister romantic and do this....(see next image)

Wow! Prince Charming or what!?!?! Great job Ryan!

I love love love that arch!
PS - if any other brides and grooms or anyone for that matter wants to go to Mathers Arch I highly recommend it!

I love dressing the groom up all frilly!

Thanks for having us be a part of your special day. Congratulations Rosemary and Ryan.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Candice & Jordon - Wedding

We had a fantastic time with Candice and Jordon at their wedding. And their reception was at The White Oaks Resort and Spa (one of my all time favourite reception venues!) where I got too see my good friend Angela (their White Oaks wedding planner) and meet Kristen their Catering Manager, who is super-awesome too! If you are looking for a venue for your wedding, definitely give them a look!

And now, on to the wedding of Candice and Jordon!

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Candice is getting all dolled up for her big exciting!!!

And here is the lovely Laura chatting with her fiance on the phone at the Salon. Doesn't she look fantastic?

Everyone looks so great!

Magic time! I love tiaras!

The salon had this really cool table in the middle of the room filled with all kinds of purses, earrings, necklaces, shoes, name it. But I liked this sign the most!

And Katerina (Candice's Matron of Honor) thought the table was pretty cool too! Here she is modeling sunglasses for me!

Candice and Jordon had their invitations done by Anne Kelley She always does amazing work.

The quote on the front of their invitation reads:

"For hearing my thoughts,
Understanding my dreams,
And being my best friend...
For filling my life with joy,
And loving me without end...
I do."

Candice's dress looked amazing in this light.

A few last minute touches form Laura.

Ah yes, off to visit with the boys! Here is Jordon and his groomsmen in his backyard. These guys were looking good!

Jacob the ring bearer looked great too! Nice tux kid!

Jordon getting some help from mom with his flower. I love the look on his face.

After I took that last shot of Jordon and his mom, I turned around and saw Jacob looking out the front door. I had to get this shot of him - he looks sooo cute!

Back upstairs with Candice, we had a great orange wall to work with. She looks absolutely incredible!

And once again - beautiful!

As I look at this picture a few things come to mind. Really, it's just Candice going down the stairs in her wedding dress. But when I look at this picture, I see Candice, and all the things that she is about do become and do in her life. She is going to start a new life with Jordon. This shot is filled with so much potential. So many great things await them, and it all starts here, with her going down the stairs.

Candice and her grandmother. What a great moment!

This is one of my favorite churches. It's the Cathedral of St. Catharine of Alexandria. I've shot here a few times and I really enjoy it.

Madison and Jacob doing their duty. How cute are they?!

Here is the other flower girl Victoria. She was too pooped from all the excitement!

Jordon's first look at his new bride was one of the most emotional I have seen. I admire him for this. He is so in love with Candice and it quite simply overtook him. It was very moving for me to see. I'm glad I got these pictures.

Candice makes her entrance! Everyone has a camera!

This is one of my favorite shots of the day. You can see how much Candice means to Jordon. I love it!

I love the little laughs and giggles during the ceremonies.

Jacob has just brought the rings up to the alter. I'm actually shooting this picture by looking between Candice and Jordon, and you can see the blurred outline of their hands above Jacob's head. He did such a great job!

Two become one.

Nice kiss!

Fun shots! We put Madison in charge of getting everyone to laugh, so she did a little dance, which only the bride took part in, but everyone laughed - so job well done!

Candice and Laura doing their special walk. Looking good ladies!

Candice and Jordon at the Willow tree. Love love love!

A lovely picture on the bridge.

Nothing says romance like a bride and groom in black and white.

This is our Vanity Fair cover shot. You'll notice that we have people in the tree on the right hand side - thanks Shannon!

Girls just wanna have fun!

What a romantic moment!

Congratulations Candice and Jordon! Your wedding slideshow will be ready soon.

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