Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our favourite bride ever...

It's official. Our little girl's in love. About a week ago Sydney proudly announced that she was planning to marry her friend Colin, much to our surprise and amusement. They've been friends for about a year and a half - a very long time when you're 4. Colin's older brother Ethan is friends with our son Matthew so we were all pretty pleased with her choice of grooms.

Like most brides Syd went into planning mode as soon as the engagement was official. We were very proud when her first priority was booking her photographer. Chris of course. Each morning she'd wake me at 6am with questions about the wedding. It was cute beyond words, even that early in the morning. She aged by about 20 years right in front of me, as she poured through our InStyle Weddings and Grace Ormonde Weddings magazines. I'm glad she has such great taste!

The proud grandmother of the bride, my amazing mom Rose, turned into the wedding planner and magically came up with a wedding dress, bouquet, cake and rings. If I didn't know better I'd swear she has a magic wand hidden somewhere.

On the big day Sydney was a beautiful blushing bride, in her glory posing for the camera. Colin and his family arrived looking great and full of enthusiasm. Matthew was a wonderful ring bearer and Ethan made us proud as Colin's best man. Grandma Rose presided over the ceremony, asking the bride and groom questions like "Do you promise to always play nice and be friends?" The rings were exchanged and I have to admit I got a bit choked up when Colin presented Sydney with a ring and necklace with her initial on it. We left out the ceremonial kiss but that didn't stop Syd from trying to tackle her groom for a kiss. That's my girl. After the ceremony the kids dug into chocolate kisses and wedding cake, while I popped open some bubby and apple juice for a toast.

It was a lot of fun letting the kids pretend and we couldn't ask for better in-laws. If anyone's interested the couple is registered at Toys R Us. Just kidding! Here's the slideshow of their big event. To email congratulations to the bride email Click here.


Amanda, aka Mother of the Bride

Monday, January 22, 2007

Website back up and running

Hi Everyone,

The website is back up and running. We've switched to a new web provider Dreamhost and they are amazing. They helped us switch over with ease and provided the fastest tech support I've ever seen. A big thank you to Jeff Hardy over at Caters Hardy Design Studio for letting us know about Dream Host.

We had a pretty amazing weekend! So far the couple of people we've told thought it was amazing. I'm going to leave it to Amanda to explain tomorrow. Watch for a new post (complete with images) soon!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

website changes

If you've tried to open our website this weekend you'll notice it's missing in action. We've made an improvement on the technical side, admittedly not my area of expertise. Chris tells me it has something to do with switching the host of the site and everything should be back online by Monday, knock on wood. I think the email may be down for a day or two so if anyone's looking for us please call 905-892-1494.

The site design is getting some great feedback - easy to navigate, clean look and a lot of good information online. That's awesome to hear because those were definitely our goals. We're also hearing that our intro slideshow is missed, although the image gallery is getting good reviews. Chris is working on this so keep watching for updates.

Thanks again for all of your comments. Keep them coming!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Well winter has finally arrived in Southern Ontario and what a lovely sight it is.

A few nights ago a storm hit this area, knocking down tree branches and leaving everything covered in a thick layer of ice. The power was out for hours and the whole street was completely dark. We lit some candles and had a great time watching the Wedding Crashers DVD thanks to our laptop battery. As wedding photographers we could totally relate to why someone would want to crash weddings - they're a blast.

The next time you catch yourself complaining about the cold stop and take a look around you. And maybe grab your camera - you never know what you'll find. These are a few of my favourites from this week....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Baby Dominic

We had the most amazing time this week with baby Dominic, his mommy Amanda and his nona Maria. It's such a different experience doing portraits in the family's home. Everyone is relaxed, the lighting is natural and the portraits show it.

Dominic is such an adorable baby and he seemed to like the attention. His nursery is decorated with Finding Nemo so we couldn't resist some shots in his crib. Below are just a few of our favourites. I love the sweet moments between him and his proud mommy. I know they'll treasure these images as he grows. Thanks guys for the opportunity to spend time with you. We hope it will be the first of many fun sessions together!

Here is a link to the slideshow of the images. Click here to view.

Monday, January 08, 2007

New website is here!

After lots of work over the holidays we have created our new website complete with new logo. Our focus is shifting to do more of what we love - photographing weddings! We had so many great experiences last year with our brides and grooms that we want to do more! We are now going to specialize in weddings with top of the line service and products. We will be announcing some really exciting new products over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the blog for more details!

We are also doing portraits a little differently. Our new portraits are what we call "Lifestyle Portrait Sessions". We are getting away from traditional 'posed' images (a la Sears) and going for a much more natural and fun style. Much like our wedding approach.

As usual we would love to hear what you think about our new site. Feedback is always appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you!

New website - coming soon

For the past week we've been working on re-developing our website www.chrisbeardphotography.ca. We are so excited with the new look and I hope everyone loves it as much as we do. The new site has some pretty cool features, like updated slideshows of our work, sample album designs and a great gallery of images. Chris had done a great job of putting it all together, not to mention being so patient with all of my little changes!

During this process we also spent time working on our logo and new pricing. Once the final touches are ready we'll post an announcement here on the blog. As always, feedback is welcome.

Here's a sneak peak at a new addition to the site - a message from us. I think it really sums up who we are and why we love what we do...

"We are so blessed for the opportunity to pursue our passion for photography and to share in peoples' lives. Our clients are special to us and capturing their happiest memories is an incredible honour.

We've met some truly memorable people through our work, from expectant couples to energetic kids and of course couples in love. Weddings have been such a rewarding part of our business; the joining of two families, the excitement in documenting the day, finding beauty in the details, delivering an album they will cherish for generations...there's nothing like it.

Let us tell your story and be a part of your memories. We can't wait to hear from you."

Chris and Amanda

Friday, January 05, 2007

Niagara Falls shoot

We've been commissioned by one of our clients to do a photoshoot of businesses on Victoria Avenue in Niagara Falls. It's funny, living so close to Niagara Falls (we are about 20 min away), we've never gone and done the tourist thing. There is so much fun stuff to do there! As I was walking around getting shots, I kept thinking "I should bring the kids here soon!" There are rides, 3D theatres, a Sky Wheel (great way to view the falls), a Criminals Hall of Fame, Nightmares Fear Factory, Wax museums, great clubs, restaurants and accommodations.

One of the places I was able to go was the Classic Iron Motorcycle Museum. They have bikes from 1916 to present day all on display. I was able to get a few shots towards Clifton Hill from one of their windows, but I couldn't resist getting some shots of the bikes. If you know anyone who is into bikes (my Dad would totally love this place!) tell them about it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Anyone who works from home will appreciate the pros and cons that come along with it. Working in cozy slippers and a commute consisting of about 10 stairs - definitely cool. Juggling time between kids on Christmas break and a busy work load - a bit harder.

We've been working on our new website, pricing and logo (stay tuned!) under the most hilarious conditions. I am sure most office workers don't get interrupted by co-workers every 12 minutes asking for snacks, complaining that their toy eyeball has dust on it or surprising them with the sounds of the annoying Crazy Frog game (thanks for that Nikki...) Check out http://www.crazyfroghits.com/crazy.html and imagine trying to compose an email with that in the background....

Fortunately Chris has taken a break to hang out with them outside so I can catch up on an overflowing desk.

With a New Year's resolution to post more, I wanted to share one of my favourite websites in the world- www.pandora.com. Our friend Neil Thornton got me totally hooked on it. It's a free site that uses cool technology to create customized stations for you. You just tell it the name of a few songs or artists that you like. As the site says "It will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music, almost a century of popular recordings - new and old, well known and completely obscure - to find songs with interesting musical similarities to your choice. Then sit back and enjoy as it creates a listening experience full of current and soon-to-be favorite songs for you. You can create as many "stations" as you want. And you can even refine them. If it's not quite right you can tell it more and it will get better for you." Hope you love it as much as I do. Back to work!


Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Happy New Year! We hope it was a wonderful holiday season for everyone. We've had a lovely although busy couple of weeks, as you can tell by the lack of Blog posts. A definite New Year's Resolution is paying more attention to our Blog. Hope that one works out better than my "eat more salad" resolution is looking.

We celebrated New Year's Eve with one of our dearest friends Nikki. I love any excuse to go crazy in the kitchen (thanks to the good old Food Network!) so we had quite a spread, if I do say myself. No salad to be seen on the menu, but Nikki did bring a killer chocolate cake....We had an awesome marathon of The Office episodes. There's nothing better than laughing til you cry with an old friend. Thanks for hanging out with us Nikki. I'm sure it will be the first of many great nights this year.

I've always thought that the New Year was a special time. It's a time to look back at all you have to be grateful for and what you hope to achieve in the coming months. Looking back to this time last year I'm so grateful we made the decision to focus on doing what we love. We've been blessed with very wonderful clients and the opportunity to capture their most special moments.

Here's to another great year (and more regular posts!)