Monday, October 27, 2008

Yosi & Miguel - Wedding

Another fantastic wedding this weekend! Yosi and Miguel were married on Sunday with their closest family and friends in attendance. I had the pleasure of having Jack Spyker second shooting at this wedding. We had an amazing day with these two families. I'll be back soon with more comments, for now...the images speak for themselves.

I'm back! I'm looking at these images again and I'm still flooded with strong feelings from the day. It's amazing how our memories work. A glance at a picture, a simple visual trigger, and our minds jump us right back to the moment. I'm re-experiencing the moments again. Like the image above...when I look at it I remember the cool crisp air, the sound of Miguel talking to Yosi, their laughter, the thunder off in the distance, and then I remember the moment when their hands met. I remember thinking it was a perfect moment, now frozen in time, forever theirs...I'm now imagining its a year from today, Miguel and Yosi have their first child, and they look at their wall, where this image might be, printed on a fine art canvas...they will experience it all over again...

I absolutely love that I am able to be a part of peoples lives through our work! I love being a photographer! Yosi and Miguel - congratulations! It was a wild ride!

Don't forget to click here to pre-register to view all the wedding images, and come back soon to see the wedding slideshow!

Yosi's ring in a bed of roses.

Three dresses waiting to be worn.

I absolutely love this image of the rings on the ring-pillow! Carol VanZanten of Vinifera Flora Design did such an amazing job with the pillow and all the flowers!

Jack took this one and he did an amazing job with it! Beautiful!

I love how this turned out. Anyone see the hidden shape?

Yosi getting her makeup done.

Isabella! She kept us entertained all day! Isn't she pretty?

Yosi has the best laugh ever!

I couldn't resist using that amazing window light.

Yosi is so beautiful...Lucky Miguel!

This little darling was only satisfied when her entire basket of flowers was empty.

Miguel's first look at Yosi.

Miguel was so moved. He loves her sooo much. It was beautiful!


There is so much unsaid in this image. It's quite moving to me.

Awwww....nice shot Jack!

And this one too! Jack was getting some incredible stuff!

Meanwhile, I had crawled into the vines and was laying down in the wet grass and mud. But it was so worth it!

Later in the night, we had the idea to go down to the cellars at Cave Springs Winery. It was amazing! After setting up a few lights, our couple were ready to shine!

Okay, I wasn't going to write anything here, but now I am! Jack was setting up this great shot with Yosi and Miguel, it was about 12:30am or so at this point, and I was feeling giddy! I snuck around behind them and slowly moved between them. Much laughter had by all! Thanks to Jack who kept right on shooting!

Congratulations once again to Yosi and Miguel! I can't wait to talk to you guys again!

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