Monday, October 20, 2008

Heather & Kevin - Wedding

Where to begin when talking about Heather and Kevin's wedding. Well, I guess we could start a few weeks ago, at another wedding we were lucky enough to be a part of - Kim and Chris. Heather and Kevin we both in the wedding party, and we got a chance to get to know them throughout the day.

We ended up having a great time with them, and about a week after the wedding Heather contacted us. It was official, they wanted us to join them at their wedding, which was happening in a few weeks.

It was really cool to be able to see them again so soon, and what was also great was that many of the same people from Kim and Chris' wedding were also at Heather and Kevin's, so it was like a little reunion! It's always nice to be able to work with people you've gotten to know at another wedding. On another note, I just got an email today from another couple at Heather and Kevin's wedding who want to book us for their wedding next year! Maybe we will see everyone again!

Alright, let's check out the images!

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We started out at Heather's Mom's place, doing hair and makeup. As you can see, there were lots of laughs!

Here is the lovely Nicole getting some final touch-ups.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Kayla getting her eyes done. Wow! These girls are stunning! All of their makeup was done by the super-talented Jennifer Allen-Csefko.

And voila!

And here she is! The magnificent Heather!

Kim and Nicole assisting Heather. What good bridesmaids!

Heather's mom. She was great. She and my assistant Rose, who also happens to be my mother in law got along great. She looks so proud of Heather in this image.

Heather is so full of life!

Almost ready...

I love this image.

Oh this one too! I saw the mirror on the wall the whole time she was getting ready and I wanted to use it somehow. it worked out perfectly, especially with the clear, crisp blue wall.

We headed out to the ceremony, which was outside on a glorious day! With all the rain this year, it was nice to be outside and sunny!

They had a wind ensemble playing for them as they entered.

Heather and her father, walking towards Kevin. I love the emotion in this one.

Kevin looks like he's ready to burst!

Heather, soft and beautiful in the light.

This is also one of my favorites. I just love blue skies!

The sun coming through the leaves was just amazing!

Kevin, centre stage with the boys. As I was composing this shot, I looked down, changed a camera setting and looked back up. I noticed the guy on the left hand side, half-way back was missing. I thought I may have moved and he was behind Kevin or something, but it wasn't me. He had snuck across the aisle when I wasn't looking'll see.

Umm...perhaps they are doing some male bonding?

These guys cracked me up all day!

And here we have the Groom and Groomsmen surfing shot. Please don't ask if any of the chairs broke, we all took a vow to never speak of it again.

Perfect. They are all sitting still looking great. No silly faces or shenanigans.

I knew it wouldn't last!

I'm glad we got Heather to stop laughing for a bit. This image worked perfectly!


All the girls.

Was it something I said?

Oooooo baby!

i think they are talking about the guys.

Yup, pretty sure they were.

Heather wanted to do some on the playground, so we kicked off some kids, who were pretty upset, but don't worry, they got to come back very soon.

Causing more trouble...

This one is awesome! Look at that sky!

And Chris decides he's always wanted to be a fireman.

Bounce bounce bounce!

I love the leaves!

These guys have too much fun!

Thanks again to Heather and Kevin for allowing us to be a part of their special day. Congratulations!

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craig0r said...


Thanks for doing such an amazing job with my sister's wedding. You've really captured the essence of a truly beautiful celebration. I'll be keeping you in mind for my own wedding (if that day ever comes!)

Craig Webster

Heather said...

What's this Chris? You didn't ENJOY all my giggling so you couldn't take serious pictures??