Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cindy & Ryan - Wedding!

We had a great day with Cindy, Ryan and their families today. Here are some images to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

The rings and flowers were simply breathtaking, so we combined them for this ring shot!

Ryan's parents house had these cool french doors with patterns in them. This is a man ready to get married!

In the backyard we found a clubhouse / play house that Ryan's Dad built 22 years ago. It's still strong as ever, as you can see we've got one or two big guys up there! Ryan's mom was thrilled we used it in the pictures as they are going to be moving from this house soon. Now they can remember it always in these very cool images!

Ryan and his groomsmen are very much into soccer, so we did a team photo for them.

Then we got psyched for the wedding! Yeahhhha!

Cindy being delicately laced up in her dress. Okay, maybe in this moment it wasn't so delicate.

Good thing that wood pillar was there for stability! You can see Cindy's grandmother in the background enjoying watching her granddaughter get ready for this special day.

I love this picture! It's cool because Ryan has a similar picture where he is framed by the window. Cindy looks much prettier though!

I was across the room when I saw this moment. Beautiful!

And a little further back. Look at that light from the window setting the scene...lovely!

This is Ping! It was so cute, he kept bringing his ball over to Cindy wanting to play. We had to make sure we kept any wet doggie feet off the dress. Don't worry buddy, she'll play with you soon!

Cindy's parents house was the perfect setting for pictures!

All I can say's like looking at a fairy tale.

Showing off some moves in the limo.

Moments before the ceremony begins. Don't the dresses look great from this angle?

Cindy's grandmother.

This part of the ceremony was really cool. All of the guys and girls had gone in together, and Ryan's parents both walked him down the aisle. I've never seen that before and though it was great! Once Ryan started down the aisle, I caught Cindy and her dad sneaking a peak at his entrance. Very cool!

The lovely bridesmaids!

Cindy is simply lovely. Ryan is a lucky man.

We headed out to Lochness Links after the ceremony. Cindy's family are the owners of this beautiful course, and have kept it a truly family buisiness. Cindy's brother Stephen is the general manager, while his dad is the president of the course. Stephen took me for a quick location scounting tour and once we found the best spots, the fun began! Here Cindy and Ryan exchanged a loving glance.

And then a little more than a glance!

This golf course has been official approved for wedding photos!

The entire wedding party. We had to make sure that no one was going to be hitting their golf balls our way! That would not have made for a good day. I can see the headlines now "Groom taken to hospital in after taking a golf ball to the head in wedding photo mishap. Photographer is missing and blamed for the tragedy. News at 11."

I love this shot for a few reasons. It's a beautiful setting, Cindy and Ryan look great, they are holding hands and you can see the bouquet off to the right in her hand. But the building adds so much, becuase it's where her father and brother work. It isn't a passive force in the photo. It has become an active part of the image with deep symbolism to this family. I can only imaging how many times Cindy's father and brother have been in that building, or driving back in a golf cart and seeing the building as they approach. Now the memories of this day are a part of that.

I think that's pretty cool.

I looooove this image! It's our glamour / fashion Vanity Fair tribute shot. Looking amazing ladies!

The archway on the window was begging to be included.

Oh, and thanks Cindy for picking the most amazing bridesmaids ever! You guys rocked!

Cindy and Ryan's first dance was amazing! They had a smoke machine which added so much to the shot!

It's like they are dancing on a cloud!

Congratulations Cindy and Ryan! This wedding was fantastic! You and your families were so kind and welcoming to us. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

Check back soon for more wedding images, the Wedding Slideshow and don't forget to click here to be notified when the rest of the images are available to view online!


Bryan Caporicci said...

Holy cow, Chris!!! These are awesome!

Those are some of my favorite first-dance photos I've EVER seen. Great job!

aunt jody said...

Amazing pics, can't wait to see the rest...Ryan's Aunt Jody

Anonymous said...

Cindy, you're gorgeous! Ryan...not so bad yourself!
Awesome couple.

Cousin Tony, Brenda, Janille & Brandon


Anonymous said...

Great pics,everyone looked great! Makes me want to get married again and take some shots. Oh sorry did I say that out loud, of course to the same guy! Fantastic memories for Ryan and Cindy Chris!
Aunt Lucy

Anonymous said...

hey great pics