Friday, August 01, 2008

Kathryn & Drew - Wedding

It was a day to remember at Kathryn and Drew's wedding at the beautiful Legend's on the Niagara in Niagara Falls. Our day started with Kathryn and her wonderful bridesmaids at Renaissance Salon, where they were treated to champagne and orange juice as they got their hair and makeup ready. The ceremony took place at Legend's as well, and even though we had some rain to contend with, the ceremony was beautiful thanks to the covered verandah overlooking the golf course. 

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Now on to the images!

Kathryn in the salon, about to get her makeup on. The light was amazing through the window light, and Kathryn is strikingly beautiful in this shot. 

Applying some delicate touches. 

Kathryn had real orchids in her hair! Don't they look amazing?

I love the candid laughing shots! We could tell this was going to be a fun day!

Yikes! Don't spray the lens!

Kathryn was in the perfect spot for this shot. I positioned myself off to the side, and knew if she looked up it was going to be magical. She glanced up and I grabbed the shot. 

I love the look on Kathryn's face here. There are so many special moments on a wedding day, and I love being able to capture them for the Bride and Groom. 

I especially love catching someone when they aren't aware. Their emotions and expressions are so much more true and vibrant. She is so happy for Kathryn in this moment. 

Kathryn's dress was also amazing. Such detail goes into these garments, I love it!

This shot is really special. I was getting a photo of Kathryn as she looked at herself in the mirror, and I noticed that her mother was getting ready to do some pictures with us. She didn't approach yet, as I think she saw that Kathryn was having a moment to herself. I adjusted my position slightly, and shot this image, with Kathryn's mom in the background, looking at her daughter, about to go off and be married.

Here is Kathryn and her father. 

And one of the three of them. I love that Kathryn is standing as it seems to imply that she is all grown up now, and moving on with the next stage of her life.

We found Drew next at the ceremony getting some final touches done. 

Our perfect little ring-bearer was ready!

Kathryn and her Mom take a moment before their entrance. 

"The First Look" is one of my favourite shots to get. It is that moment where the groom sees his wife to be for the first time on the wedding day. There is something so special and exciting about this moment, it's like you can feel all the possibilities of their lives together. It's beautiful.

A quick smirk from the maid of honour. 

I think Drew is happy, don't you?

Kathryn slips Drew's ring on his finger. 

You may now kiss the bride!

These shots were so much fun to take! First one, more serious, but very striking.

This one, we gave them a little free reign. Everyone moved around a little, and some even jumped up and lied on the furniture in the back. Great shot!

Kathryn and Drew just had to laugh at their silly friends!

The man of the hour!

I love the lines of this shot and their expressions make it even better! 

My gosh she looks amazing!

Kathryn and the girls. I told them to look at her in adoration and I think I may have even said in a high voice "I wish I could be the bride!"

What a great looking bunch of girls!

At last, some alone time with the happy couple. 

I don't think they were really paying attention to me at this point though. 

Or this point. They are so in looooooove!

The first dance.

Kathryn gave a great speech. I love that you can see Drew in the background looking at her. I wonder what he was thinking?

The brides maids looking on. 

And now the dancing can begin!

Thank you Kathryn and Drew for having us at your wedding. We were honoured to be a part of it. Now get back to your dancing!

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