Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kate & Steve - Wedding

Kate and Steve's wedding was a day I will remember for a long time. There were so many special moments throughout, but there were also some people at their wedding that I hadn't seen in quite some time. Kate and I went to the same high school, and a number of people at her wedding were people that we went to school with. I also had a connection with Kate's dad Tim, with whom I've worked with a few years ago when I was working as a graphic designer. It was nice to see everyone again, especially on such a happy day as this!

Kate and Steve are very special people. They are kind, thoughtful towards others and each other, and very fun to spend time with. I very much enjoyed our time with them, even if it did rain right when we were going to do our photos - but we managed to get some wonderful shots anyways!

Let's have a look at their special day.

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Here is Mr. Tim Taylor getting ready for the day.

And downstairs the girls were doing the same.

A quite moment of reflection.

Kate looks simply amazing!

Kate had a beautiful veil, that has been passed down in her family for generations. It was gorgeous, but did require some special assistants as you can see.


We grabbed some quick shots before we headed out. Kate looked stunning!

What beautiful eyes...

Kate's brother Jeff was keeping things on track at the church.

Almost ready to go in.

And Steve was on the other side of the church, getting ready to go in too.

I can only imagine what was going through Steve's mind as he saw his bride making her entrance.

I think he's in love...

Jeff looking on.

Every time they looked at each other there were smiles.


This is quite possibly my most favourite veil shot of all time. There is so much meaning and history behind it.

Another smiling glance.

We attempted to brave the rain and retreated to under an overhang, but the wind decided to blow just the tiniest bit at that moment sending Kate's veil flowing across her mom.

And then the umbrellas were rendered useless!

As this shot is being taken it is raining buckets. I'm standing out in it, getting soaked, but loving the moment unfolding in front of me. I can't stop shooting! You can even see the rain in the shot going sideways due to the force of the wind. My mom used to ask me if I had the sense to come in out of the rain...I guess I don't, but it was worth it!

Kate and Steve attempting to come out in the rain with me. It's cold too as you can tell from their reactions.

Brides get all the attention!

Steve just realized he has a ring and is married.

The guys braved the rain too for some quick shots. Then things almost got out of hand.

Steve has had enough.


The retaliation.

And stretch it out...

Steve's last name is Fish so all the tables had their own fish bowls. Very cool!

Group shot!

The attack kiss!


This was the sweetest moment. The young lady playing the guitar is Dayna Manning. The first time Kate and Steve ever held hands was during a song at one of her concerts. Kate had her come in from BC to play their first song as a surprise for Steve. She called and booked her about a year and a half before the wedding. The great thing was, Steve had also tried to book her, and called after Kate did. Dayna told him that she was already booked for another wedding that day, then quickly talked to Kate about it. They decided to keep it a surprise for Steve - and it worked perfectly!

The song she played was so beautiful and added so much to Kate and Steve's first dance.

Dayna was just as excited as Kate and Steve were!

One final parting shot.

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Congratulations you two! Can't wait to see you again!

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