Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sam & Sally - Wedding

Sam and Sally's wedding was a-maz-ing! Check back soon for comments. For now, enjoy the images!

And now it's time for some comments! I'm sitting in a Kingston Second Cup at the moment with my lovely wife Amanda. I've just finished uploading image files for Niagara Weddings magazine (their next issue is going to be awesome and should be out in the fall - there are a few photographers in there that you might know...right Bryan...?). I've got a free sec now so I thought what better time to reflect on Sam & Sally's wedding.

It really was a fantastic day. Rain was in the forecast, but I kept telling them that we were going to be okay. I did have might doubts though, and my confidence in my weather-forecasting abilities wavered when the sky turned black and started raining down on us...but did we give up? No! We grabbed as many umbrellas as we had and made our way down to the location we had scouted out. Within about 20 minutes of shooting in the rain, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and the rest of the day was perfect. We got brilliant images of the whole wedding party, and had a fun time doing it!

Congratulations Sam & Sally! Check back soon for your Wedding Slideshow!

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A girl has got to have her choice of shoes! It's a big day after all!

Some fine details. Sally had a beautiful dress.

I love this shot. What could be going through her head I wonder?

Some last minute touches...


Sam is one lucky man!

Simply stunning bride! Black and white is a beautiful thing. 

One handsome fellow!

One of the traditions of the day. Shaving the groom! And apparently tweaking his nose too!

Here is Sam appealing to the rain Gods for good weather.

The boys! One of the wildest bunch I've had the pleasure of photographing.

Kids are so cool! And look great all dressed up too!

This one is a bit of a story board. Big guy and little guy getting photo done. Big guy trying to kiss little guy. Little guy takes down big guy with punch to the face. 

Admiring the rings on the pillow.

The last few minutes before the wedding begins.

Sam's first look at his bride to be. 

There was lots of kissing going on this day. What a great moment!

I love the interaction between them and the priest. I wonder what they just said...?

Here is the first big shot that we did. It is raining here, and got a little worse before it got better. 

What a stud...!

Yikes! I think you should save those kisses for your bride and not me!

Classic and simple. 

Don't drop the bride!


Cigar celebration time!

Do not mess with these guys.



Sally is gorgeous!

And the award for best air guitar during a garter removal goes to....Sam!

And Sally's brother gets the award for best reaction to catching the garter!

Congratulations Sally & Sam! Remember to visit again soon to see your slideshow.

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Sandra Regier said...

WOW!! Stunning images Chris - Great Job!