Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael & Guy - Wedding

What an amazing day with Michael & Guy! They travelled to Niagara-on-the-Lake with their friends and families for a beautiful ceremony at the gazebo down by the lake. They are from New York where Michael works at the firm ADL III Architecture, where he is a Project Manager designing incredible, high end homes and Guy is in charge of IT (Information Technology) for a large number of buildings in the NY city. What better way to escape the busy city, then to go out for a weekend and get married!

We decided to do photos with the two of them ahead of time, so we met up at their B&B (which they booked through the NOTL Chamber of Commerce, and Michael told me it was the best example of what a Chamber of Commerce should be!) and headed out for our photo shoot.

We hit a few locations, almost got kicked out of a winery (apparently some places need permits!) then headed back to get ready for the wedding.

So, without further adieu...the wedding of Michael and Guy!

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So happy together!

I told them to pretend that the winery in the background was their new home. Michael laughed and said the size of the winery was about the size of some of the homes that he and his firm design. Wow! He then told me that there is a property that they are working on, where the client owns a lake and is building nine custom made homes on the shores for their family. Now that would be fun to go up and do a photo shoot at!

Looking good gentlemen!

Great architecture deserves a great moment!

A sepia-tonned magical moment.

I think Michael and Guy are trying to tell me that I'm not providing the best direction, what do you think?

This photo was waiting to be taken. When I saw that little opening of light in the background, I knew this shot would sing!

Another special...

Now, back to the B&B to get ready for the wedding!

The rings.

It was a beautiful day down by the water.

Someone looks happy!

Exchanging their vows.

A little abstract shot. If you just saw this image on it's own, it wouldn't mean too much. But to know that at this moment, Michael and Guy were promising to spend the rest of their lives together... it becomes so much more.

I was trying to figure out where the best angle would be for this shot. Usually, in Church ceremonies, being close to the couple at the front is a good spot, but I wanted to include a little context of the surroundings too. So I left the gazebo, and went up the little hill at the park and found the perfect spot. I love it!

Michael and Guy, we were honoured that you invited us to share in your special day. Congratulations and all the best! See you soon!

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