Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Laura & Brett - Engagement

Laura, Brett and I met in Caledonia for their Engagement session at their house. I had never been to Caledonia before and it was nice to shoot somewhere that I didn't know anything about. There were some wicked locations to choose from, and I also got a chance to know Laura and Brett a little better as we drove around town looking for locations.

Laura and Brett have one of the best engagement stories! Brett got her the cutest little dog (see photos below) as a surprise, the day after their yearly anniversary. When he gave it to Laura he put the ring around the dogs neck for her to discover! What a thoughtful thing to do! I was quite impressed with Brett! Well done my friend!

We got some great shots that day and had a fantastic time seeing the sights of Caledonia including the kids swimming by the "Danger - do not swim" sign, and the woman walking who was going to call the fire department on them. Seriously though, it's a beautiful place as you can see in the pictures.

Enjoy the images!

And don't t forget to watch their slideshow! See you guys at the wedding

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We found this great old abandoned building. I think it was called the Grand River Mills (at least that's what it said on the side of the building. We found the porch and took a seat. I told them to imagine that they had just bought it as their dream home. In the slideshow you will see what their reaction was to that one.

Laura's smile is so infectious!

Mmmmm....I love building textures!!!i

This was their first dance rehearsal.

Some very dramatic sun helped to light this image. Beautiful!

I love it when you can look at an image and feel the 'happy'. Like this one!

One sunset - check. One couple - check. One beautiful moment - double check!

Annnnd dip! Nicely done Brett!

I love when I'm able to move away from the couple a little and shoot from afar. Sometimes I pretend like I'm doing something with my camera, so that when they look to me to ask what they should be doing, I'm 'busy'. I'm really waiting for moments like this one, where they are totally unaware that I'm shooting. They are sharing a moment that has nothing to do with me, a piece of the day that is just for them. That connection is what I love to see! Usually though they realize when they hear the camera shutter that I'm watching them, and they break out in laughter, which makes for another great shot!

Once we were done, we made our way back to the house and found this little angel. I love this little dog, although, I'm not sure if I'm in the good books yet. There were a lot of nervous looks my way and towards the tripods we had set up.

Keeping a firm distance from me and my equipment....

And a family shot....awww.....

Thanks for spending the day with me. I'll see you at the wedding in a few weeks!

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