Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rosemary & Ryan - Wedding photos!

Rosemary and Ryan's wedding. What a fantastic day! The love between these two is so strong. And their two families are so wonderful too! I think I'm just going to jump right to the images on this one. Enjoy!

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We started with Rosemary at the Salon getting ready. She doesn't look nervous at all! So calm and steady.

We then headed over to Rosemary's parents house. We had some great help arranging these dresses in the window (thanks to Rosemary's mom!). Aren't they gorgeous?

I love having fun with shoe shots!

Rosemary's parents house had these cool arches in the doorways hat made for an excellent photo location. Rosemary was brilliant at 'working it'!

Ryan is a lucky man. What a stunning portrait!


Dad's first look at his little girl on her big day...

I wonder what was going through his mind at this moment?

Ryan and the gents looking super suave!

A pondering moment for Ryan.

I love this one! What a great Church to get married in!

A quick glance from Ryan. Good looking bunch!

Hee hee! It took me a few minutes to get this shot! She though we were playing hide and seek so she kept ducking down!

Another lovely view of the Church.

Rosemary is so happy!

They did it!

We had the greatest location for the photos! It's called Mathers Arch in Fort Erie, and it was wonderful! Thanks for the suggestion Rosemary!

What a cutie!

Looking dapper!

Ladies - very nice! You girls have got style!

Of course you have to focus on the shoes!


I included this one because I think it is special. Not only did Rosemary's parents get their wedding photos done at this exact same spot when they got married, they got married on the same day. August 9th! How cool is that! Happy Anniversary!

Now some fun with the Bride and Groom!

Careful Ryan...don't drop her!

These three shots are sooooo cool! Ryan was all set here and this shot already looked great. But the he had to be mister romantic and do this....(see next image)

Wow! Prince Charming or what!?!?! Great job Ryan!

I love love love that arch!
PS - if any other brides and grooms or anyone for that matter wants to go to Mathers Arch I highly recommend it!

I love dressing the groom up all frilly!

Thanks for having us be a part of your special day. Congratulations Rosemary and Ryan.

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