Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tori & Brendan - What an amazing wedding!

We had a fantastic day yesterday at Tori & Brendan's wedding. I've known Tori for years from our time at the Shaw Festival. I first met Brendan when playing in a local rec volleyball league with Tori and Nem (you all know Nem from her Mexico wedding last November). Getting to know Brendan has been great, he is a super interesting guy, with a great outlook on life. Brendan is one of my favorite people to talk to because he always has a great story to tell. It's really neat for me to see Tori and Brendan together. They are a perfect match and I am so happy they've found each other. Congratulations you guys, and thanks for letting us share in your special day.

Oh, and I had the pleasure of my first 2nd shooter at this wedding - the wonderfully talented photographer Mr Bryan Caporicci. He just posted some shots from the wedding on his blog too. We had such an awesome time and the pictures look fab-u-lous!

Enjoy the first round of photos! Check back for the wedding slideshow coming soon or scroll down and sign up to be notified when they are online.

Bryan got this great shot of Tori's dress in the window. I love backlighting!

Tori looked amazing by the window. I've never seen her look so beautiful.

I just happened to be across the hall when I saw Tori's mother helping her with her dress. I love catching these special moments.

After we left Tori we headed out to find the guys. We braved the cold and got some shots outside of the Courthouse in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Brendan's brother (on the left, requested some jumping shots), so of course we obliged! Look at the height Brendan got!

Bryan got this great shot with his wide angle lens. The Courthouse was a great place to shoot with all those big windows letting in the natural light.

They were giving each other these amazing little glances. You could feel the love!

Brendan reciting his vows. It was great to have Bryan shooting too. While I was getting shots on this side, I was able to signal him to get Tori's reaction to Brendan's vows.

And Tori's reaction to Brendan's vows. Nice shot Bryan!

The lighting of the candle ceremony. This was Tori's dad and Jonathan's turn. Jonathan was a little transfixed with the flame.

The first kiss. Awwwww....

We decided to brave the cold and got some cool shots outside the court house of the wedding party.

We didn't last too long outside, and quickly retreated inside for some more shots with the girls.

Jonathan had a habit of placing himself perfectly. Here he noticed me taking pictures of the cake, ran over and asked if I wouldn't rather take a picture of him, so we did both!

Tori and Brendan were a little braver with the cold, so we ventured outside again for some more shots.

We hopped into the car and made a quick drive to the famous NOTL gazebo. Tori changed her wedding shoes and put on her wedding boots (beautiful white ones), and we all tromped through the snow.

The sky was pretty awesome so we stopped and grabbed a few shots before hitting the gazebo.

Bryan set up for his signature "off camera flash" shot at the reception. I love it!

We've got lots more images to come in the slideshow which we will be releasing in the next couple of days. If you want to register to be notified when the slideshow and more images are available to view fill out this handy dandy form and we will let you know.

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Paul Kremer said...

Nice shots! I especially like the one of the little boy by the's so real! :)

I have added your blog to my feed reader so I can check out your updates! Looking forward to more!