Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm in Canada!

Hello hello!

Just having a quick latte now that we are back in Toronto. Got to have that caffeine to get us through the last hour or so of driving. It's been a fabulous trip!

A last few pictures before we head home.

I must say, it's pretty weird with time zone changes and traveling at night. We left a 1pm in the morning, flew 4 hours and it's now 8am. I think I slept about a total of 1/2 hour on the plane. Accross from Bryan was the loudest snoring guy I'd ever heard. Every time he let out a loud snore, we'd crack up. (we are so mature!).

Talk to everyone soon!

Some details.

Can you see the face in the rock?


Our hotel entrance.

More details. I like things that are green and grow.

And once again. Beth. This is her model face.

And this is after I asked her to think of a something happy. She thought about Krista. Can you see it in her eyes...she loves her! So I guess I should thank Krista for this photo too!

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