Sunday, March 16, 2008

We were walking around...

Bryan and I just walked around for a bit yesterday. We headed towards Paris (the hotel) and inside there are all these cool little shops and the casino all built in. We turn around a corner and see a pack of photographers! Then we see a Bride and Groom. Then a few feet in front of us we see Mike Colon and realize that he is teaching one of his seminars for WPPI. Those of you who know me, know that Mike was one of my first inspirations. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Cleveland a number of years ago, and meeting him literally changed my life. It helped us decide to change our business in very dramatic ways. Changes that seemed a little scary at the time, but have brought us nothing but success.

I hope to be able to meet up with him sometime this weekend and thank him.

Here are some of the images I clicked while we were watching the group learn from the master.

This is what we walked around the corner into. It can be a game, count the photographers!

There is Mike Colon in the green shirt.

Here is a back shot of the "bride". People kept stoping and asking us who the bride and groom were, and if they were a 'celebrity couple'.

More fun stuff to come!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, there!

I remember the Cleveland conference - that is where I met you guys!


It was awesome, I agree.

Have a great day!