Friday, March 21, 2008

Sitting at the airport

It's 11:12 pm and I'm at the Vegas airport waiting to head home. I can't tell you how much I want to se my beautiful wife Amanda and my awesomer then awesome kids Matthew and Sydney. I've even got them each a little something if they've been good!

This trip to WPPI has been amazing for so many reasons, the business information, the photography seminars, connecting with like minded photographers who are more then happy to talk and share information with each other. It is a very special place, and I would recommend it to anyone (well it's probably better if you are a photographer, but I do know at least one person here who wasn't a photographer) I'm coming away with all these things I just mentioned, but what has affected me most is getting to know the people on the trip. I've learned so much about the friends that I have who came, I've met some new people who I've only known through email, and I even got to know some new, and very wonderful folks, who I now consider friends. I can't wait to connect with you all soon.

Well, my plane was just called, see you all in Canada.

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