Sunday, March 16, 2008

A little bit of Vegas

What a great day! I'll let you all know what's been going on here tomorrow. In the meantime...enjoy!

My first palm tree, just outside our hotel, as we were waiting for a cab.

This place is crazy! I ran to the middle of the street where these palm trees were, and looked down at the grass under my feet, and noticed something. It wasn't real grass!! It was that astro-trufy type thingy! Honestly, fake grass! Well, the view is nice right?

A little bit of France.

I love how there is a roller coaster going through the sky-scape.

I just loved these circle things.

I never knew the Eiffel tower was in Vegas?

Sun flare!

I spent 20 minutes with this fountain.

Here's Bryan getting a shot of the biggest room I've ever seen in my life. You literally could fit 4 football fields into it. If you can see just to the left of Bryan's shoulder, that tiny white dot is a person sweeping the floor about 200 yards away!


Good ol fountain again.

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Shawn Taylor said...

Very nice.

I'm not envious at all :(

Is it next year yet?

How many sleeps until the next WPPI?