Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anemone & Micheal - engagement slideshow

I had a really cool photoshoot with Nem and Mike and need to share it.

You might remember their wedding back in November in Mexico, and that we did an engagement session that same week with them too. Since we were all together for the week, we all watched the slideshow at the resort and I never posted the official slideshow here online.

As I was putting it together I was reminded of the great time we had. This session was dubbed the "how to do an engagement session" as it had so many great elements to it. A great couple, sunny location, water, beach, sand, surf, fun and of course drinks! We even had some spectators watching us from the resort above. You can see them right at the end if you watch closely.

Click here to view Nem and Mike's engagement slideshow.

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