Saturday, February 09, 2008

How do you stand out in a crowd?

This video is so cool. And an interesting lesson about standing out in a crowd.

In business so much focus goes into advertising, getting your name 'out there', repeating your message over and over till someone hears you. Well, that way doesn't work anymore. Why? People have learned to tune out advertising. There is just simply too much. We don't have time to absorb everything, so we choose to ignore.

So how in the world do you stand out, if the public has trained themselves to ignore traditional advertising?

Be different. Be Bold. Get noticed. Sometimes, the easiest way to be different, is to do the opposite.

Take this video. A busy station, people hustling to get where they want to go, everyone moving all the time. Go go go. Then stop. Nothing. No movement. Literally.

So what gets noticed? Different. Interesting. Opposites. The new marketing of the world isn't about repetition or interruption. It's about something more. When you are marketing, choose to stand out. You will get noticed.

Sometimes not moving is your best move.



Krista Jefferson Photography said...

I love this! Great find!

Sandra Regier said...

Awesome Chris - Thanks for sharing the link!

Shawn said...

Improve anywhere (everywhere maybe) are great.

Their Best Buy (look a like) and Book store (cell phone) "pranks" were great too.

Shawn said...

The name of the group who put on the performance is "Improve Everywhere" in the past they have done great things such as:

Chris said...

Thanks for clearing that up Shawn. I had no idea what you were talking about!