Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Do You Dare?

I just sent this out in a email to lots of you. Within about 10 min I was flooded with responses, phone calls and inquiries. What a great response! Thanks everyone! I did want to mention that dates will be finalized soon and the pricing will be as well. In the meantime read below if you didn't get the email.


Taken from an email I sent earlier today.

For a long time, I didn't. I held back. I made excuses. I didn't dare. I lived and worked in my comfort zone and stayed there. But slowly, I realized I was stuck. And if I kept it up, this would be where I would stay for the rest of my life. I didn't risk. I didn't challenge myself. I didn't dare.

So what to do? Well for me, I left my secure job and started a photography business. I stopped making excuses and started making things happen. When faced with a challenge or opportunity, I dared. I didn't hold back. I started to notice my confidence increasing. My view of the world was changing. I was more daring and seeing more positive results than I ever had before! I was more confident than I had ever been in my life!

With this confidence in mind, we have created the "Do You Dare" photo session. These sessions aren't about creating 'sexy' pictures. They are designed to inspire your confidence and your courage. To be comfortable in your skin and who you are. We want you to feel great about yourself! Confidence is a choice and you are worth it!

Beauty is everywhere and in everyone. You don't have to have perfect skin or a perfect body to be beautiful. Confidence creates beauty, mystique and power.

We've partnered with our friends at White Oaks Resort and our sessions will take place in one of their luxury suites. You will enjoy a professional makeup and hair session prior to your two hour photo shoot. A $150 credit towards an album, hardcover photo book or your choice of prints is also included.

We are in the final stages of planning 4 dates for our sessions. Each date will have 4-5 spots available and they will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Click here to be notified of dates and availability.

dare to be different, dare to be beautiful, dare to be you.


PS - We are also having a contest!
What better way to launch our new sessions than with a contest.
Click here for your chance to win a free Do You Dare photo session.

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great idea! very well presented!