Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What a week!

Wow. What a week we just had. Chris is pretty modest so I get to talk about the exciting projects we've had the opportunity to work on recently. A favourite bride and groom, a major political conference and a Royal Visit by the King and Queen of Sweden to name a few!

After Melissa and Darryl's wedding we just kept going and didn't stop until a much needed break this past weekend. Last Monday we met with Jory and Adam to talk about their wedding next June. We were really pleased that Jory's parents Deb and Barry came too. Jory's sister Amanda was one of our brides this summer (check her out on the 3rd picture on our homepage slideshow - it's one of my favourites). I can't wait for Jory and Adam's engagement session this Friday. We've planned a fun night in Niagara Falls, complete with fireworks and dinner at The Famous in the Fallsview Casino. Stay tuned for their slideshow!

Tuesday was the start of the Ontario Economic Summit in Niagara-on-the-Lake and we had the opportunity to provide coverage for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. We work closely with the St. Catharines Chamber so it was really cool to get this assignment! Chris has awesome shots of Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario as well as several important delegates. What a great experience and we loved working with Scott and the Ontario Chamber.

He covered the event until Thursday morning and went straight to Peller Estates Winery. The King and Queen of Sweden, along with their Swedish delegation, were in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a visit with the Lord Mayor and his guests. We were really excited to be there and have the chance to work with the Lord Mayor, although I have to say I thought we were on Candid Camera when his office called! It was also great seeing Janice from the NOTL Chamber. I think every business should be involved with their local Chamber!

Thursday night we attended the St Catharines Chamber's Awards Dinner. Chris was nominted for the Young Entrepreur Award. Congrats to Adam Shields from Business Link (it really is an honour to be nominated) for bringing home the award. I was lucky enough to bring home a gorgeous orchid (thanks John) although I'm not sure what its life expectancy is...

This weekend was family time and of course getting ready for Halloween! I have to say our pumpkins are hands-down the best on the block. We had a blast hanging out with the kids and I loved taking the time to cook some yummy dinners for everyone. I'm off to Halloween parties at their school so stay tuned for updates!


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Adam said...

Hi guys it's Adam. Glad your week went well it sounded like alot of fun. JOry and I are really looking foward to Friday!!!!