Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Time to blog!

Hi Everyone. Welcome to our new blog!

So Amanda (my wife for those of you who haven't met her) and I were talking about how everyone is so busy these days. So many people we know are like us...running our own business, raising kids, trying to fit in a social life...and so many ways to communicate, mail, email, cell phones, blackberries and then add in all the networking events - woah! It's enough to drive you crazy!

So to cut to the chase...we decided to keep people in the loop on what we are up to business-wise and voila! The Chris Beard Photography Blog is born.

We've had a pretty cool couple of weeks. We've just posted images from the "Savour Niagara" event a few weeks ago. (thanks to Josie from the "Small Business Club" for thinking of us!) It was awesome! It was great to see so many wineries, breweries, restaurants all in one place promoting their products. We also had a really great engagement session this weekend (Chris and Joy said they were nervous, but you'd never know it when you look at the pictures) and have been meeting with brides for upcoming October weddings.

Once again, a warm welcome to our blog. Be sure to check back often.

Chris and Amanda

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