Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lara and Eric - Album

Hi Everyone,

Here is our most recent wedding album. As Amanda says below we had a great day with Lara and Eric.

Click here to view wedding

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Audrey Meiklejohn Weaver said...

I am Lara's Mom and just watching the photos that replay in your introduction brings tears to my eyes, and goose bumps over my body. I loved the blog and photos within your blog page, each one was so distinct and beautiful. The one with the double decker is my favourite!
Chris and Amanda you are an 'awesome' couple, and your work, creativity, care, professionalism, design, is beyond our expectations. Furthermore, EVERYONE I have shown Lara and Eric's "storybook" to at work, (PLUS Lara's step Dad has shown people at his work, and Lara's Step Mom and Dad too), EVERYONE IS VERY IMPRESSED WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS, LOVE OF YOUR WORK (which radiates from your photos) AND LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM/ART SHOWN THROUGH YOUR PHOTOS OF LARA AND ERIC. We are so honoured as a family to have had you both with us on October 14th, to record this magical day as a keepsake for our family treasure. Please accept our deepest gratitude and may God bless you and your family, surrounding you with the warmth and caring that you, yourself bestow on others.