Friday, October 06, 2006

It's a great day!

Good morning everyone!

Wow! What a beautiful day it is out there! I just got back from setting up our booth at the 32nd annual Balls Falls Thanksgiving Craft Show (this weekend Oct 6-9). There are all kinds of cool booths (including ours!), pony rides, music, magic shows and more, all in the idyllic setting of Balls Falls. It's going to be great! Come on down and check us out.

On another quick note I wanted to share with you a really neat new product we are offering. Custom designed fine art wedding and engagement books. Here is a sample of our first one. It is from Jennifer and Malcolm's wedding (two really fantastic people - we had a blast at their wedding!).

So without further delay, here is the book. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. Email us or post a comment below. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

Hi! Its Jen's sister, Pam, and I just wanted to tell you the book and every picture that you took at the wedding was amazing. You really captured some special moments. I love the book...You truely have a gift to make people's day all that more special.
Thanks again for everything!

Anonymous said...

Malcolm and I were so impressed when we first saw the Fine Art book of our wedding! This wedding book is a real unique idea to capture the story of our special day.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with everyone how delighted we were to have Chris as our photographer for our wedding! Chris has an eye for taking the perfect shot to capture the emotion of that day. We were truly impressed with his particular attention to detail and color as well as his eye for taking many amazing shots! His talent and passion for photography is clearly visible in his work.

Chris and Amanda were a pleasure to work with before, during and after the wedding. Chris and Amanda are the real deal. This amicable couple allowed us a chance of a lifetime to capture wonderful memories of our special day! Their dedication, commitment and professionalism far exceeded our expecations. They take photography to the next level. Chris and Amanda together are the complete package!

We are convinced they will create a memory for you, as they have done for us! We highly recommend them to EVERY bride and groom and know you will be completely satisfied with their work.

Thanks again Chris and Amanda for capturing the wonderful memories of our special day!

Jen and Malcolm

Anonymous said...

The Fine Are book is amazing! Each page brings back wonderful memories of that day. Chris is an outstanding photographer!! Chris seems to know exactly when to take the perfect picture! Chris is so talented, approachable and very efficient. Chris and Amanda were absolutely wonderful to work with during my daughter's wedding! I know every bride will have a wonderful experience working with them! Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Chris and Amanda,

I had to write to congratulate you on your most beautiful photography for the Jen Ross - Malcolm Huber wedding. Jen and Malcolm are beautiful, inside and out, and you captured them, and each family member and guest perfectly. Your obvious, superb appreciation for light and love reflect so gently and well the hearts, souls, smiles, spirit and joy in every moment, every photograph. I think the best photographers see emotion, not events. Your photos breathe romance, family, fun, love.

You took me to the wedding I so wanted to attend and I have no doubt you will soon be winning prestigious awards!

Regards, Kay M. Edmonton