Thursday, September 11, 2008

School BBQ

Yesterday was the kids welcome back to school / meet the teachers BBQ. I got to have a tour of their new classrooms and enjoy some fine hot dogs too! School sure seems more fun then I remember it was...

Matthew showed us this tree he planted when he was in grade one. It's growing really well! It's bigger then him now!

Sydney has her own mail box in her classroom.

Matt's desk design. I think its so cool that he has e=mc2 in the 'A'.

Sweet lock!

Sydney and George.

Yo yo yo dad! Whas up!


Silly boy....

Close up!

Sydney will now be your teacher for the rest of the day.

What a sweet looking student!

We headed over to the gym for hotdogs. Sydney and her friend here were seeing how long they could hop on one foot.

And we had to take a few of this little cutie!

Awwww.....two seconds after this shot her older brother came really close and shouted Boo! Tears did follow, but she was okay in a few minutes.

Time to play outside. Syd decided it would be fun to chase me around a little.

To the playground!

Leading the way!

"Hey dad, let's play that game where we try and kick you!"
Sure Syd, sounds like fun for me....

Matthew going higher and higher.

Some fun with photoshop!

Hee hee...for all who are interested, this is what happens when you use a wide angled lens and your son is a foot behind you, and you don't look into the camera when you take the picture. This shot really cracks me up....

And one last fun one.

And remember:
Family time = fun time!

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