Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Amanda & Jay - Wedding

Amanda and Jason are two wonderful people. They are so down to earth and easy to be with - and their wedding party is too! Andrew and I had such a great time with them! They had a cowboy theme going, with little cowboy hats and boots as favours, and their cake topper had a cowboy feel too (you'll see what I mean further below). The groom was even wearing his black cowboy boots!

The wedding took place at Church of the Transfiguration in St. Catharines, Amanda and the girls got ready at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, reception in the Starlight room at Club Roma, with photos done at Montebello park.

Friends and family click here to see the wedding images when they are available online. And don't forget to come back soon for Amanda and Jay's Wedding slideshow!

Yeehaw!! Let's look at some photos!

The morning was pretty relaxed as the girls played cards to pass the time. Little did we know it was a very competitive game and a little intense at times!

Andrew was familiar with the rules, so he helped out when he could.

Meanwhile, Amanda and I were shooting this lovely image with her veil. Isn't she beautiful?

Amanda's dad is such an amazing person. He's been raising Amanda solo for a long time, and was very involved with the wedding planning. In her speech Amanda made special mention of her dad coming to dress fittings and doing all kinds of traditional 'mom' stuff. Here he laced up the back of her dress. And did a great job too!

And now we are all ready.

Yikes! Girls! Don't fight now...we've got a wedding to get to!

As we can see, flowers + dad = dancing!

The light in the church was great. They have a skylight over the alter which was perfect for photos!

With these two, even the wedding had laughs.

The girls cracking up!

A more serious moment with Amanda's father. I wonder what he is thinking?

You may now kiss the bride!

A silent prayer.

This little guy had a quick nap during the receiving line.

But he was back up and giving fives all around in no time!

And he's fast too!

Our lovely wedding party.

We had lots of fun at the park!

There was this great little arbor with ivy which was perfect for some photos. Amanda was having trouble keeping a straight face!

Adding the girls didn't help her keep her composure...which is fine by me!

Isn't Jay dreamy? Ahhh.....!

Time for the boys.

The lovely Amanda.

Here we did a normal shot, then a 'sassy' shot. They turned out great!

Excellent! I love it!

And...what the?? That's not sassy! Hey!

We let the wedding party take a break and went off to spend some quiet moments.

A little dancing....


Back at the reception, the boots were waiting for us. They each had a picture of Amanda and Jay in them from our engagement shoot.

This was the cake topper. Isn't it awesome?

To the slide of the cake was this cool statue.

And out front Black Bart was waiting to catch any "hombres" on his territory. I barely made it out alive!

To get the couple to kiss they had a giant dice to throw.

Some throws were more successful then others.

Jump jump jump!

Amanda and Jay's first dance.

Ending with a dip and a kiss!

Amanda and her dad dancing.

Come back soon for their wedding slideshow!


proud pappa said...

What a great day Chris was both professional and fun to work with. What I have seen so far looks great. Can't wait for the full package.Chris helped to make a special day even more special

Pattie said...

the pictures capture the magic and meaning of this wonderful wedding. Mark and the Ulrick's have done an amazing job helping Amanda become the great girl she is, and the Thom's have raised a unique and very nice young man.
The wedding was so enjoyable and the photographer did the best job showing it.
Aunt Pat and Uncle Stephen French

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi and thank you for the great job you did on Saturday.I looked at the pictures on your blog this morning. They look fantastic . Can't wait to see the rest of them.It was a pleasure to watch you work. You made it a fun day for all involved.

Mark Ulrick

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!And I thought the engagement photos where great,you are amazing. Not only have you taken some really great shots but I have been to a number of other weddings where the photographer always seems to be asking people to move in order to take pictures; during the reception you were barely visable and took some great pics. You have made my already beautiful cousin look simply stunning.
Cousin Jenny

April Moir said...

Hi Chris and Andrew,
It's April...the maid of honor here. I just wanted to say you both were wonderful on Amanda and Jay's special day! Your energy brought everyones nerves to a calm...well mine for sure! Thank you for the beautiful pictures, I am looking forward to seeing the rest of them!