Monday, September 01, 2008

Laura & Brett - Wedding

What a brilliant day we had with Laura and Brett! I'm just about to go into a meeting at the moment, but I will be back later tonight to comment on their images. Especially the ones with Andrew (our amazing assistant!) in them.

Okay...I'm back. Let's check out some photos!

Don't forget the slideshow will be released soon, so come back to see it soon!

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A fantastic way to start a wedding is with a beautiful bride! Laura you look amazing!

A serious pose. Very nice.

But serious didn't last too long. Thanks for the silly face!

Laura and her dad, Ruby.

We headed outside to have some fun with the girls. Can you guess what Laura's wedding colours were? That's right HOT PINK!

With shoes to match!

Some last minute touch ups.

Laura thought she could hide behind the flowers.

Laura with her 'peeps'!

Hot pink bows on every chair.

The moment of truth. Here they come.

Brett seems pretty excited. Can you feel the deep breath he just took?

How in love are these two? I mean really people!

Laura got a little choked up during her vows.

The rings are on, so now it's time for wedding party photos! We were at Pen Lakes Golf Club, so they lent us a few carts and took us out on the course.

The 'gentlemen' shot.

The 'not-s0-gentlemanly' shot.

And this is what happens when you leave it up to the boys...

Everyone is just so happy for Laura and Brett, they had to jump!

The beauties.

Very sexy ladies!

Oh no...! They've surrounded Andrew (my assistant / brother in law)...Andrew, look out!

And they take him out! Don't mess with the ladies in pink!

And here we have Brett channeling his best James Bond. Very nice! Let's get a closer look at Mr. Bond's entourage. Ask Andrew, you don't mess with them!

I have a feeling this one is the brains behind the operation.

Okay, seriously...Laura is amazingly beautiful!

And very playful!

What a great looking wedding party!

And we leave you with the Bride and Groom.

It was a wonderful day. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

Don't forget to click here to be notified when the rest of the images are available online, and check back soon for Laura and Brett's Wedding slideshow!

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