Thursday, September 04, 2008

Photog meeting September - You guys all rock!

Another fan-tas-tic photographers get together last night! We headed out to Fireman's park in Niagara Falls to do some shooting and learning. Lloyd and Lauren came along to be our models, thanks guys! You did a great job!

This time out we talked as we shot in a scenario based setting. Everyone got a chance to talk about what they would do in each situation and why, what lens they would use, what they were looking for in the scene, how they would relate to the couple, how they used light, if they would use flash, and lots more. There were so many great ideas being bounced around! This is one of the reasons that it's great to get everyone together. We end up learning from each other which helps us all in the long run.

In attendance were:

Bryan Caporicci, Nataschia Wielink & Emily, Stacey Fox, Karen Byker, Kathy DeMerchant and her husband Rick, Barb, Amanda Doucette-Lachapelle, Shawn Taylor, Jack, and later in the evening back at the Studio we were joined by Robert Nowell and Libor Hemerka.

Let's have a look at some of the evening. Enjoy!

How can this not be weird for our couple...?

I absoloutly love when Bryan notices me taking a picture. He always does something interesting. Check him out on the right hand side.

Our first location was based on the light coming through this little grove of trees. Georgous light!

I'm lying on the ground getting complely covered in dirt and leaves here, but the shot more then made up for it!

Click click click!

Kathy and Rick are too adorable!

See what I mean!

Here is Bryan sniping from a distance through some bulrushes. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Mmmmm....I really like this shot. Of course you won't realize that there were about 2,000 crickets jumping all over the place in the grass. One landed on my head!

Some photographers will do anything to get the shot.

Lauren and Llyod look like they were having fun!

The dynamic duo in action!

Here's Jack getting a new angle.

Bryan seems to have a thing for standing over people today.

I'm standing in a thorn bush while shooting this one.

Darn...Lauren noticed me! I was trying to be stealthy!

I'm sure Kathy has a shot of me shooting her.

What a cute couple...!

Bryan did a quick demo near the end on his 'sky shots'. If you've visted his blog you will know what I mean.

Everyone getting their shot.

Somebody is happy! He must like the flash.

Yup, he sure does.

Back to the studio to review the images, eat some snacks (thanks to Bryan's mom!) and enjoy some thought prevoking discussion.

And of course, play with cameras and lenses. Bryan went around shooting super close up with a fisheye lens which super distorts perspectives. Those shots are going to be crazy!

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here....

Sharing sharing sharing...I love it!

I wonder who just said something....

Oh my gosh! I shot of Bryan that's not a crazy face! It can be done!!!

Thanks for coming out everyone. We will be sure to let everyone know when the next meeting is. If any other photographers are interested in coming out shoot either Bryan or me an email.

Talk soon and happy shooting!

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