Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Tristan

Baby Tristan is the cutest little thing! Originally his mom Lisa was going to be doing a maternity shoot with us, but he must have decided that he wanted his own photoshoot. So no maternity session... instead a baby session!

We had a great time with Tristan and his parents. Everyone got to be a part of the fun, and we got some amazing images.

A big thank you to Rosemary who recommended us to Tristan's mother Lisa.

Click here to view Tristan's Slideshow. Enjoy!

I didn't realize this at the time, but in this next series of shots, Tristan seemed to be going for a number of different modeling 'poses'.

This one is the "Call me baby" pose. Check out his little fingers.

The "I'm cute and I know it" pose.

The "act surprised" pose.

And of course, the "Argggg" sea Captain pose.

Tristan with Daddy.

Tristan looks so happy and safe.

I love getting the details. Such adorable little feet.

And the tiny hands...wow....baby's are miracles.

Could Tristan be any happier?

A tiny little yawn.... I love the scrunching of his fingers.

I have no words for this image...

Congratulations on your first photoshoot Tristan. I'm sure it will be the first of many to come!

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