Monday, July 21, 2008

Rosemary & Ryan - Engagement Session

Rosemary and Ryan are wonderful! I love it when people want to incorporate parts of their lives into our engagement sessions. Ryan and Rosemary do some pretty cool things together, and one of these things is lawn bowling! How cool is that! We started our shoot at the club where they bowl and it was super-fun! They even let me take a few shots, and I actually did pretty good - my accuracy was dead on, unfortunately I threw it a little (okay...a lot) too hard, and it went flying off the back end. Ryan and Rosemary did much better then I did. They are the real pros - Ryan actually competes professionally!

After the bowling, we headed out to get some more shots at Oaks Hall, a great spot for photos! Enjoy the rest of them below. Their slideshow will be coming soon so check back for updates. Can't wait for the wedding!

Rosemary has her own custom pink "bowls" (I think that is what they are called). Very fashionable!

Rosemary did a super shot here.

A quick break during the game. I love it when couples can laugh with each other like this while we are shooting. These two had a great time!

A little dirty play here....

"Oh, I'm sorry...did I just push you while you were shooting?"Ryan still made the shot though!

We had a little Romeo and Juliet moment here with the staircase.

"Wherefore art thou?"

Enough of this Shakespeare stuff...Ryan is a man of action!

The one rare moment when they weren't side by side.

This shot is wonderful. I think Ryan was scratching his ear or something so I thought 'let's focus on the beautiful girl instead'.

Ahhh....ze romance, ze love, it's amour!


Thanks for the great day guys!
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Marg said...

Great Photo's! As soon as I saw the Bowling Green I thought: "This IS Ryan & Rosemary." Well done.