Monday, July 21, 2008

Cindy & Ryan - Engagement Session

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting with Cindy and Ryan. We had talked and were wanting to do something a little different then the usual types of shoots, so we decided to head out to Niagara Falls and see what we could come up with. After about two and a half hours we had been to Dufferin Island, got some wicked flared sun pictures, been knee deep in water (yes all of us), walked around Clifton hill while making sure we did all kinds of cheesy tourist stuff including a trip to the candy shop, the Guinness records wax museum, the fun house and danced the waltz in front of the ferris wheel while eating ice cream, oh...and of course, going to the top of a parking garage and standing on the edge cause the photographer thought it would look cool. I think we covered 'different' in this shoot wouldn't you say Cindy?

Cindy and Ryan were awesome. Cindy, always up for anything, so full of life and having one of the most infectious laughs I've ever heard, while Ryan balanced things out, being a little more cautious, but once he got into it was bouncing off the walls too! It's easy to see the love between the two of them. And really, what's more loving then helping your fiance take off his shoes before getting into a pond for a photoshoot?

Have a look at their pictures below and don't forget to watch the slideshow.

Click here to view Cindy & Ryan's Engagement Slideshow.

And don't forget to sign up here to view their engagement pictures online and click here to pre-register to view their wedding images too. Everyone who pre-registers before the wedding gets a special gift certificate towards their prints!

Thanks for spending the day with me guys! It was a blast!

Here they were doing their best to be 'active' as I'm shooting. "O look! A bird!"

There was some beautiful sun up this hill, which matched their moods perfectly - so happy!

One of the rare quiet moments we had.

Now this is love! How many of you would do this for your man? Ryan, you are a lucky guy!

A backwards, over the shoulder kiss, while walking on a slippery log in water. I give them a 10 for style!

This is how a piggy back starts when you are in water up to your knees.

This shot is so great! I love the expressions and that you can see Cindy's gorgeous ring in the shot too.

"Honey! Go that way! Go that way!"

All dried off!

How happy does Ryan look right now...

So much candy to choose from!!!!!

Now we are in the fun house.

That yellow thing was actually slowly spinning around and around. We did have one person fall...but they were laughing to hard to notice...

Cindy! Ryan! Watch out for the Dr. Seuss birds above you!

Cindy is asking if Ryan will dance with her. How could anyone say no to her?

And Ryan did not disappoint!

Brilliant moves guys!

One final image. Ryan and Cindy, thanks for hanging out. You guys were wicked!

Next stop - the wedding!!!

See you then!

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