Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring fun!

There is nothing in the world like getting together with family and friends. Especially if there are kids to play with and birthday cake!

The other day it was my brother in law Andrew's birthday, so we invited him and Amanda's mom over for dinner. One of Andrews favourite meals is steak, so we thought it would be a good time to fire up the ol' bar-b-q!

While I was cooking outside Matthew and Sydney came out and did their first playing of the season in the back yard. So much fun!

I'm off to a wedding now, and Andrew is going to assist me today. It's going to rock! Can't wait to show everyone the images!

Matthew was trying to tell me that I was a monkey here. He's got that mischievous glint in his eye....

Ah yes, this is a fun game. Try and knock the camera out of dad's hands with your feet while you swing. Good times....

Sydney is always making faces!

And then we ran!

These kids are fast!

Oh right, this one. Okay, quick story. I have these boots. They are the kind that the top two rungs of the shoelaces you have to wrap around when you tie them. If you don't tie them, you have the hook things open on them, which can then catch on to things. Things like your own shoelaces. I was going back and forth from the bar-b-q and didn't want to tie them up so my shoelaces were flopping all over the place, that is until I step outside and they get all tangled up, I take a step and bam! I'm on the ground, faceplant right in the dirt. Amanda and her mom were laughing their heads off (thank you ladies) and I got covered in dirt. Amanda ran for the camera and captured the resulting dirt on the shirt. Thanks honey...

Jump jump jump!

Spring is almost here!


The most thoughtful birthday wish ever! I wonder what it was....?

Waiting for the candles to be out so they can tear into the cake!

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