Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Car Trouble - alas!

Yesterday Bryan came over,
When leaving, his van would not go.
We tried and we tried, (and some even cried),
Alas, here's our tale of woe.

Can you feel the drama?

Methinks these are not the newest cables.

A puzzling look. Car no start!

Again with the Drama! Maybe Bryan should have been an actor instead of a photographer?

Let's try this again.

Here is where I was told to stop taking pictures of the car drama, so I found some flowers.

Now...where should we hook these thingys....?

"Why? Oh why?"

After this look, the jumper cables burst into flames! Well, not really, but that would have been pretty cool.

Maybe if we are very delicate when we attach them...

Calling in for backup!

At leasts our sense of humour is still intact!

More flowers... (side note: we've been working on this for about an hour and a half at this point)

Pretty pretty. I wonder how the car starting is going?

Hmmm....the cables have been thrown to the ground. Not a good sign.

An idea! Fresh-bran-spankin new cables! That will do the trick!


Ahhh....the safety gloves. Good call. And very stylish too.

Mmmm.... shiny.

We even put out the safety cones!

Bryan is explaining the principles of car starting to Amanda. He's talking a good game, but the car still doesn't seem to be running. (elapsed time: 2 hours 15 min)

Ah ha! Something prettier then the flowers! My lovely wife Amanda!

At this point, we have abandoned our attempts to start the car, and have called in the cavalry. They are on their way. So we wait.

And surf.

And make silly and normal faces.

The cavalry has arrived. (Notice it's dark now? Elapsed time: about 3 1/2 hours)

What is the problem? We just can't figure it out.

We are now discussing calling CAA. Excellent idea!

Of course, we had to play with the cool light we found. Evil face!

Scary scary!

At long last, our day was done when CAA arrived and had the van started within about 15 min. Got to love the professionals! Bryan made it home and the day was done. Sorry Al! The car just would not start! (Al is Bryan's patient and loving girlfriend, who was waiting for Bryan to come over that night.)

Total Elapsed Time: at least 4 hours. But it was great fun. Is that weird?


Anonymous said...

So what was wrong with the car? I have to know!!! Why wouldn't it start for you guys but it started for CAA? (P.S. Next time call Steve!)

Christina Bellon-Graves

Chris said...



...the battery was dead and we didn't give it enough time to charge between our attempts to start it.

Did I mention we don't really know much about cars?

Chris said...

And we totally should have called Steven!!!!! Why didn't I think of that?

And you guys are right around the corner too!