Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Anybody like Cricket?

Yesterday I was backing up some files, (some ha! i backed up my entire 2005 image library, which was about 38,000 image files over 10 DVDs) and I came across these cricket shots.

This was back when I was working at the Shaw Festival Marketing Department and using my little Nikon D70. Every year The Shaw plays a match against the Stratford Festival Theatre. It's an old English tradition and it's really fun to play. Watching can be a little boring at times, the average game can last 3-5 hours with an hour break for 'tea and cucumber sandwiches' in the middle. Very sophisticated. Every game does have some great moments.

The moment below was very exciting. One of the really excellent Stratford players was up to bat, and the Shaw team desperately wanted to get him out. In Cricket you bat until you are out, so one player can rack up tonnes of points really quickly. The ball was hit to the field, and thrown in to Kevin Bundy at the 'wicket'. The goal is for Kevin to knock off the 'bales' (little peg things sitting on top of the wickets) before the batter can get back and be safe.

Let's take a look at the play.

The ball has been hit to the field, picked up and is on it's way back to Kevin. If he catches the ball and knocks off the bales, the batter is out.

Look at the determination in his eyes.

He knocks off the bales, just as the batter is arriving. You can see the bat in the bottom of the frame. He didn't make it back in time! He's out!

And the celebrations begin!

This is one of my favourite shots. Such jubilation! And you can see the umpire with his hand up indicating the out.

Everyone then begins to run to the centre to congratulate each other.

A great moment in sports. Brought to you by...just kidding.

It's nice when you look back at pictures and the memories just flood back. I can still remember that day like it was yesterday.

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