Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shelia & the Buoys

Okay okay... I know what you are all thinking... Chris can't spell 'boys' right? That's actually the name of their boat - "Sheila & the Buoys". Sheila and her family had the brilliant idea to do a photoshoot on their boat. At first I thought they would just do some shots in the harbour, but they had a little something else in mind. They had another boat out on the water and asked if I was game to go out with them, meet up with the other boat, climb accross and do the shoot from there. I was so excited! This is way better then traditional studio photography!

We met up with the other boat and I got some really great shots. Sheila's husband even did an 'action shot' where he gunned the boat by where I was so we could get the spray coming off the back. I must say if anyone else has a boat and they want some shots done give me a call!

I had a great time and Sheila and her family were great to work with. Here are some images and of course the slideshow!

Here we are meeting the other boat. See that spot in the top right corner? That's where I got to shoot from as they roared by.

This shot worked great in black and white. You can see the 'boys' working on the front of the boat.

As they zoomed by, they caught the light from the setting sun perfectly, and look - the flag is blowing in the breeze!

There is something very peaceful about this shot.

Thanks again guys for the great time. Good luck at school boys!

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