Monday, September 10, 2007

Christina & Steve

I had a really great time last week with Christina and Steve. They love their two beautiful dogs and wanted to incorporate them into their engagement shoot, so we thought we would take them for a walk and shoot at the same time. We went out to the Comfort Maple out in Pelham which is believed to be the oldest maple tree in Canada. It's over 500 years old!

We brought the dogs out and they had a great time. They wrestled a little (the dogs, not Christina and Steve), and eventually found the dirt and rolled in it. The area was such a great setting for an Engagement Session. Nice choice guys!

We dropped the dogs back at the house, and went to a neighbors house who had a cool tree swing and a great old barn. The texture and colours on the barn were a perfect background for the final shots of the night.

Thanks for the great night guys. The wedding is going to be amazing! Enjoy your slideshow.

Click here for Christina & Steve's slideshow.

Are these dogs hugging or wrestling?

Doesn't she look amazing?

Not too bad either!

They were so good at posing without looking like they were posing. It was so natural and fun which makes for the best photos.

This is a great one. I love the looks on both their faces. There is a real emotion to this image.

In this shot I can almost imagine all of the walks that they are going to go on together over the years. It's like getting a glimpse of the future.

Here is where the swing came into play. Steve jumped on, even though he didn't have his 'climbing shoes' (wink!)

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Anonymous said...

Chris & Amanda,

Thanks again so much, the pictures and the slideshow are beautiful. Everyone loves your work, and wants to know who you are and how we found you! You truly have a gift. We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures, and we definitely can't wait for the wedding.

Christina & Steve