Thursday, September 13, 2007

Samantha & Ian - Engagement Session

What can be said about Samantha and Ian? I'd never met Ian before and the weather was not really co-operating (on and off light rain, cloudy). We'd canceled our last engagement session due to bad weather, and we didn't want to put it off any longer. So with optimism in our hearts we set out to Port in St. Catharines. If nothing else there were a few covered awnings of course the world famous Carousel (still only 5 cents a ride!).

Things couldn't have gone better. Ian was great! I told them to go over to the carousel (I was quickly trying to grab stuff that I could cover the cameras with in case the rains really started to come down) and followed them over when I was ready. We walk up and before I know it Ian has led the two of them onto the mechanical horses and the ride began. On the first pass (and keep in mind, I haven't given them any direction at all at this point) they ride by and Ian is doing this great laugh/smile and getting Samantha right into it! Next pass around same thing, but this time he is trying some other poses and it's really looking good in the camera. We move down to the beach, where I tell them how great they are doing, and they proceed to tell me that they have been watching Canada's Next Top Model closely as they knew that our shoot was approaching! The next hour and a half was such fun as we walked around Port the beach, to the pier, past the boats in the dock, by some really cool textured buildings, and finally across a bridge where we chased some geese (not happy geese, trust me they had it coming, walking around like they owned the place!).

So, as you watch the slideshow think of Canada's next Top Model and all the training they provided to our wonderful models/couple Samantha and Ian. Great job guys! Can't wait for the wedding.

Click here to view the slideshow.

And of course some favourite images:

I love this one, perfect colours complimenting each other.

Okay, I know this image is already at the top, I just like it so much I had to put it in again. Classic, simple, timeless, romantic. A perfect moment.

See! I told you they were great!

A nice walk on the beach.

This was really cool, until he veered towards the water!

I love the pointed toe.

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