Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our favourite bride ever...

It's official. Our little girl's in love. About a week ago Sydney proudly announced that she was planning to marry her friend Colin, much to our surprise and amusement. They've been friends for about a year and a half - a very long time when you're 4. Colin's older brother Ethan is friends with our son Matthew so we were all pretty pleased with her choice of grooms.

Like most brides Syd went into planning mode as soon as the engagement was official. We were very proud when her first priority was booking her photographer. Chris of course. Each morning she'd wake me at 6am with questions about the wedding. It was cute beyond words, even that early in the morning. She aged by about 20 years right in front of me, as she poured through our InStyle Weddings and Grace Ormonde Weddings magazines. I'm glad she has such great taste!

The proud grandmother of the bride, my amazing mom Rose, turned into the wedding planner and magically came up with a wedding dress, bouquet, cake and rings. If I didn't know better I'd swear she has a magic wand hidden somewhere.

On the big day Sydney was a beautiful blushing bride, in her glory posing for the camera. Colin and his family arrived looking great and full of enthusiasm. Matthew was a wonderful ring bearer and Ethan made us proud as Colin's best man. Grandma Rose presided over the ceremony, asking the bride and groom questions like "Do you promise to always play nice and be friends?" The rings were exchanged and I have to admit I got a bit choked up when Colin presented Sydney with a ring and necklace with her initial on it. We left out the ceremonial kiss but that didn't stop Syd from trying to tackle her groom for a kiss. That's my girl. After the ceremony the kids dug into chocolate kisses and wedding cake, while I popped open some bubby and apple juice for a toast.

It was a lot of fun letting the kids pretend and we couldn't ask for better in-laws. If anyone's interested the couple is registered at Toys R Us. Just kidding! Here's the slideshow of their big event. To email congratulations to the bride email Click here.


Amanda, aka Mother of the Bride

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