Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Happy New Year! We hope it was a wonderful holiday season for everyone. We've had a lovely although busy couple of weeks, as you can tell by the lack of Blog posts. A definite New Year's Resolution is paying more attention to our Blog. Hope that one works out better than my "eat more salad" resolution is looking.

We celebrated New Year's Eve with one of our dearest friends Nikki. I love any excuse to go crazy in the kitchen (thanks to the good old Food Network!) so we had quite a spread, if I do say myself. No salad to be seen on the menu, but Nikki did bring a killer chocolate cake....We had an awesome marathon of The Office episodes. There's nothing better than laughing til you cry with an old friend. Thanks for hanging out with us Nikki. I'm sure it will be the first of many great nights this year.

I've always thought that the New Year was a special time. It's a time to look back at all you have to be grateful for and what you hope to achieve in the coming months. Looking back to this time last year I'm so grateful we made the decision to focus on doing what we love. We've been blessed with very wonderful clients and the opportunity to capture their most special moments.

Here's to another great year (and more regular posts!)

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