Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Becky & Joel - Wedding

Becky + Joel = AMAZING!

What a wonderful couple! There is nothing but wonderful things to be said about these two and their families. This isn't the first time we've seen these two either. Last year Becky's brother David got married and we had the pleasure of photographing them, and Becky was in the wedding party so we got a chance to get to know her too. But today it's all about Becky and Joel, so let's get to the action! (scroll down!! scroll down!!!)

Paris was a huge influence on these two. We knew they were going to be honeymooning in Paris, had mini Eifel Towers as their favours and even had a giant Eifel Tower ice sculpture too, so we thought it would be fitting to use this lovely piece of art in their house in this photo. We added the bride and groom and voila! Un photo magnifique! (please pardon the spelling if it's off....sorry anyone who speaks french!)

Becky is getting some final touches done. Love the mirror!

And she's ready to go!!!!

Lovely lovely lovely!!

One of Becky's bridesmaids watches Becky getting her portraits done. Someone looks happy for her friend!

Ahhh.....une fille jollie!

The other side of the portrait - click click click click click click click click!
People please! Give the bride some space!!!

Becky and her dad. Can we say proud papa?

The ladies looking lovely outside!

I wonder what's going on with the guys? Let's go find out!

Hmmm...it appears that Joel has convinced them all that he is some sort of idol to be worshiped...Man! That guy is clever! Look at them admiring him!

And now he is attempting to out-pose one of the statues! I wonder who can hold that position longer?

The custom cuff-links! I love it! As you may remember, Dave (of Chantal and Dave's wedding) had custom cuff-links too. Seen above are everyone's favourites Batman, Superman, the Transformers (Autobots - the good guys) and we also have a Toronto Blue Jays and finally "Bestman" (who also happens to be Joel's father!). These are to cool!

Joel's mom thought he should be keeping his chin a little higher. Thanks mom!

Doesn't he look dashing!

Until this happens that is! Dave, I know you like him, but can you leave him alone for 5 minutes?

I'm not too sure what is going on here, but it's about 5 minutes before the wedding will be starting. Do you think that has something to do with it?

Walking mom down the aisle.

Look at the way Becky is looking at Joel as she approaches...is that love or what?

And Joel seems pretty happy too!

Of course this would be a fun wedding filled with laughter.

A little more serious now. Joel, don't make her laugh now!

SMMMOOOOOOCH! (I thought I would add the sound effect for everyone out there in cyberland)

Man, these two can't stop kissing. Well okay, since it makes for a great picture.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that Becky and Dave are siblings? Couldn't tell from these silly pictures could you? (sometimes it's like herding cats - haha!)

At last! Someone to be serious for a second. Thank you Joel's side of the family.

Oh, wait. Nevermind. Joel's dad added some silly too. And what a reaction on the right!

We thought it would be nice to get a picture with Chantal and Dave with our newlyweds. The boys started out being stubborn but eventually they came around (Thanks to their persuasive wives. Thanks ladies!)

And now our presenting....the wedding party! What a great location and the colours just pop!

I think Dave was missing Joel a little. "Hi Dave, don't worry, Joel's still here. You can play soon."

Our lovely ladies once again.

Becky with the boys. I think they are trying to scare her, but silly men! Nothing can scare Becky on her wedding day!!!

I really, truly, honestly LOVE this picture. Wow.

The boys just hanging out and laughing. Until they turn into kung-fu-fighters! (tell me, did the song just go through your head too?)

This one is awesome! We didn't promt this at all. Apparently piggy-backs are a favourite thing for Joel. Have a look here at their engagement session. Scroll down to the second last picture.

Moving on to the guests of honour for some alone time.

Mmmmm pretty......

This is a lovely moment. You'd never know that there were hundreds of people walking about 20 feet away. They are in their own special world. I love it!

I love this one too. This would be great as a canvas piece for their home. Maybe I'll get one too!

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Have a great week!

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